DrumNet By Session Loops Is An AI Drum Plugin With A Powerful FREE Version


Session Loops release DrumNet, an AI-powered drum synthesizer plugin with a powerful free version.

AI seems all the rage these days, don’t you think?

The nascent technology has been a part of music production for a little while, especially in the mixing software realm, thanks in part to software like Ozone, Gullfoss, and the range of Sonible effects.

There hasn’t been much in the way of AI development for instruments aside from the previously covered Emergent Drums from Audialab. This is set to change with the release of DrumNet by Session Loops.

Session Loops DrumNet

DrumNet is an 8-slot drum sampler. What sets it apart from other samplers is its means of getting sounds. DrumNet uses AI to generate the samples for each of the eight slots, allowing users to create custom drum kits that are unique from anyone else’s.

This can be further manipulated in the paid version, which allows users to export their generated samples for use in other software.

DrumNet has a fair few controls for manipulating the samples themselves, with gain, velocity, panning, pitch, and filtering all being present. Samples can be assigned to choke groups, which is all fairly standard stuff for a drum sampler.

Session Loops have also included a sequencer. This is a fairly robust sequencer, with note repeat and velocity being able to be sequenced in along with the MIDI notes. Swing can be applied to the whole pattern, which is a fun touch.

Polyrhythms aren’t possible in the sequencer itself, which is a bit of a shame since AI can get into some weird territory with a little bit of manipulation.

As a base package, DrumNet is quite an attractive little AI drum tool and a novel take on a well-tread paradigm. Sound-wise, the generated samples are very reminiscent of drum machines in quality. Filtering is recommended for the possibility of aliasing.

DrumNet Compatibility & Pricing

DrumNet comes in paid and free variants. The paid version is a one-time payment of $69, with an intro price of $49 or a $5.99 subscription. The free version retains most of the functionality, but you lose the ability to export samples.

Windows and Mac compatibility are available, with supported plugin formats being VST3 and AU. Apple Silicon support is available.

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Download: DrumNet ($49 intro price, free version available)


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    • Not sure if I’m blind or if there’s no info on the website on what it does / how it works / how it sounds? Does it connect to a local server or anything?

  1. Michael Jackson


    Although it says it is for windows 10/11, it works really well on my windows 7 machine. It reminds me of sitala in the way that its laid-out but it generates new kick, snare, etc. and give you various samplers to work with. Very interesting.

  2. I’ve started using it and it sounds good. I was looking for something like this even though I’ve used many before. It’s a keeper to lay down some beat ideas quickly, you can mix and match, and enhance them with your best VSTs.

  3. so why not just record the samples from the free version?
    And will the free version be saved in a project when opening again?

    • Because it’s more tedious and time-consuming than pressing a single button. You’re basically paying for one-click convenience, meaning no recording and manually cropping new audio files and all that comes with it.

      It reminds me of the situation of Lore from Puremagnetik; Micah has a github page which he updates with the source code of his newer paid plug-in Lore, and while he charges $9/month for the full updated builds as they come out, you’re also free to download the source code yourself, alter it, and compile it in Cabbage into VST files, since it’s open source. This is how I use Lore for free, although sometimes compiling can cause weird issues – in my case, the newest version of Lore won’t function, draw anything inside the spectral displays, or make any sound, so I am forced to use my older version for now until I either figure that out or just pay for Lore.

      Just some thoughts. It’s nice to see things like this happening sometimes.

  4. There’s a possibility the website going down was an attack of some sort; my Drumnet download had what looked like a Trojan in it according to Windows. I’m aware that false positives happen, but I figured I should put it out there.

  5. I installed the windows version, but the DAW would not start.
    Uninstalling it allowed it to start up again, so I am sure it is a problem with this plugin.

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