Agus Hardiman Debuts FREE MONSTER Soundscapes Plugin


Agus Hardiman releases MONSTER Soundscapes, a free soundscape instrument for Windows and macOS.

Creating the right sort of ambiance for your track or score can be a difficult task. Agus Hardiman has debuted MONSTER Soundscapes, a free utility that generates an endless atmosphere for your productions.

The core interface of MONSTER Soundscapes is straightforward and to the point. It’s a relatively control-dense interface, but everything has an express purpose here.

The top of MONSTER’s interface houses the reverb and delay controls. Both the reverb and delay effects have individual parameters that are fairly robust. These are extremely complementary to sound sources contained in the plugin itself. There is also a gain knob for controlling the overall volume.

Below the reverb and delay controls are the main sound source panels. There are two that you can place together with a selection gleaned from hand-recorded sources in addition to free materials the developers have tweaked and modified.

MONSTER has two sound source categories, divided into ambient and SFX categories. These are intended to loop endlessly and have different triggering points in correspondence to the key zones assigned to both samples.

The sound sources have five individual loops created randomly. There are also 25 one-shot SFX, which can be played independently of the loopable sound sources.

MONSTER isn’t an instrument necessarily, but it readily creates atmospheres you can place in your tracks. There are eight bespoke presets intended for usage, with more on the way soon enough. The developer has also intended for this plugin to be relatively lightweight regarding CPU usage.

The plugin’s sound sources are divided into three individual key zones, with two of the key zones corresponding to loops and the third and final key zone being assigned to one-shots. It cannot load user-defined samples, but hopefully, the developer will add more as time goes on in addition to new presets.

MONSTER Soundscapes is free forever and is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, and AU.

While there is no stated compatibility with Apple Silicon computers, it should run readily within Rosetta for those on newer Mac devices.

Download: MONSTER Soundscapes


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  1. Please canonize this man already!! A real labour of love to give some great plugins to the people for free. Thank you Agus Hardiman if you are reading this.

  2. Anybody else getting the SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG error? I’m getting this on every browser across multiple computers.

  3. Hi Adam, I’m Agus, the developer of this plugin. Are you still having trouble accessing my web? If yes, please contact me on Facebook AgusHardiman.TV, I can give the direct link, without going to the web 🙏

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