Get FREE Plugin Alliance Products With The $20 Surprise Voucher


Plugin Alliance offers a $20 voucher code with no minimum spend. You can use it to get free plugins worth $20 or save $20 on your next purchase.

Here’s a neat opportunity to expand your mixing toolkit with a Plugin Alliance product.

You can use the $20 voucher code to get any plugin cheaper than $20 for free. Or, you can apply a $20 discount to your next purchase.

Get a FREE Plugin Alliance product

Let’s look at some Plugin Alliance plugins you can get for free.

Visit the sale Plugin Alliance page below, order the products by price, and scroll down to the MEGA SALE $5.99–19.99 section to see all available plugins.

There are various VST plugins to choose from, including Brainworx guitar pedals (starting at $7.99), Chandler Limited guitar amps, Lindell Audio vintage emulations, Unfiltered Audio mangling tools, and more.

With so many options available, you should probably ask yourself what type of plugin you need the most at the moment and then check if something like that is available on Plugin Alliance.

If you’re a sound designer, I highly recommend checking out Unfiltered Audio’s tools. If you enjoy mixing music, check out the Brainworx and Lindell Audio offerings.

You can also grab one of the virtual guitar instruments provided by Wedge Force. And if you’re into specialty mixing tools, check out the Vocal Enhancer by Noveltech.

To get the discount, use the coupon code MEGA-20-OFF at checkout. If your shopping cart total is less than $20, you can complete the purchase for free.

You can grab a single $19.99 plugin or combine several cheaper options. For example, you can pick up the bx_meter, bx_tuner, and bx_blackdist2 plugins for free!

Plugin Alliance Mega Sale

Of course, you don’t have to use the voucher code to get a free plugin. If you have some cash to spare on VST plugins, grab one of the discounted Plugin Alliance products and use the code to get an additional $20 off.

For example, you can get the impeccable DS Audio Thorn synthesizer for just $9.99. Or, shell out $19.99 for the BYOME multi-fx unit by Unfiltered Audio.

There are so many deals to choose from that I suggest grabbing a nice cup of tea and finding a cozy spot before visiting the page below.

You’ll probably spend some time browsing and deciding what to get (I’ve already spent 45 minutes on this article because I’m deciding between Wedge Force Matcha and Unfiltered Audio LO-FI-AF while typing).

More info: Plugin Alliance (use coupon code MEGA-20-OFF to get $20 off your order)

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Peter Dillon-Parkin


    Or they could do one. After trying to get the two accounts I had with them merged to find a bill of $20 for each of the 5 plugins I had in one account I’ll never spend money with them again. Instead of giving away vouchers perhaps they could treat their customers with respect. Just warning people. More to the point perhaps, how many compressors does the world need? I’d suggest that the ones from Analogue Obsession will do.

    • how and why on earth did it happen in the first place that you had two accounts?
      sorry for saying this, but it is written on their page that you will be charged for license transfers.
      if you signed up for two accounts for a good reason, then the bill for license transfers is the normal consequence, like with many other developers as well.
      and if you just signed up for two accounts by mistake AND did not read the conditions for transferring licenses before asking them to transfer it is just a bit clumsy…
      but have you actually asked the customer support for maybe not charging you in this case because you are just one person with two accounts?
      on the other hand i would not wonder if they charge you anyway, because with two accounts you also get twice the amount of vouchers and freebies, wich is also not the most respectful move if that was the reason for two accounts.

      • Peter Dillon-Parkin


        I know it is on their page. But I didn’t when they told me what to do. If they’d included that in their email advising me what to do. Basically I signed up a long time before with my old email, changed my email address, then discovered when I changed my DAW that I could – for some reason – only get one lot of plugins to work. I asked for advice, and that’s what I got. Which is why I was mad about it. Your conjecture about why I had to accounts is both stupid – I don’t think I ever used a voucher there – and given that you used the term, not particularly respectful. I did explain the situation and got told to suck it. I get that you’re a PA fanboy, but my experience was just piss-poor customer service from beginning to end. Nice one for defending a poor innocent multi-national business from me, and making a boat load of wrong assumptions in the process.

        • im not defending them particularly and i am sorry for using not the best words maybe, did not want to offend you personally, it was just to bring a different perspective in
          the reason for my comment was that i find it annoying that on bpb the comments are full of complaints and hate towards the developers who give away things for free, that is in general. and in your case the situation is that
          you asked for a service which pa (and many other developers) offer for money, and then you complain about being charged.
          i did not want to say that you are stupid, please dont get that in that way.
          but it is not 100% objective complaint from your side, and that was all i wanted to show.
          i can understand from your perspective, that it would have been nice if pa made an exception in that and some other cases because they could afford that as a big company, thats why i asked also if you talked to somebody in person about your specific case.
          but in the end i can also understand the situation from their subjective perspective, because they wrote down the rules for such a situation before and everybody can read that before dealing with them.

        • PA do a mega sale 4 times a year and every sale they give up to 3 codes at no minimum cost so that you can choose products for free or take almost any plugin for the price of 10-15-20$ except for new ones! Also, if you want to transfer from one account to another, you can use this code to pay off the license transfer fee, so if you want to transfer 5 plugins, you need to wait for 5 codes and apply them for each transfer separately and your problem will be solved! That’s why I’m a fan of PA, because among this “poor innocent multi-national business”, this is the best company with the best offers, even against the backdrop of the current situation with Waves. And Analog Obsession is no match for PA!

          • Not that it’s exactly comparable, but I find Plugin Boutique to have offers just as good as Plugin Alliance. Not always, but if you’re patient some deals are nuts. I wouldn’t have Glitchmachines’ entire plugin catalog, Cherry Audio Stardust 201 + Memorymode + Voltage Modular Ignite, and too many others to list, if they didn’t run their sales.

            The “pro-sumer” music software market has some really bafflingly good deals that I sometimes feel like I’m stealing and feel guilty for not paying full price, haha. Even though I couldn’t if I wanted.

  2. Am I the only one that just wants a Maag eq for $9? After I saw my homeboy brighten up all his shit with that 40k I’ve been waiting for it to be cheap.

  3. DancefixMusic


    They have hiked the prices up in the last couple of hours! I was going to get bass mint, but now it is more expensive. So too is Thorn, it is advertised at $39.99

    • Yeh, a whole bunch of stuff went up $10-20.. Thorne, WedgeForce, UA, BX. Was demoing a few things to decide. I know it’s a free $20, but it’s still a lame thing to do.

    • Prices vary from one promotion to another, so you have to take advantage of specific offers. In this Megasale the 254e and 354e, SpecOps, Zip, karacter, bx_opto and delay2500 among others are given away

      • They aren’t talking about older promotions. PA have altered the megasale prices by $10-20 on various pluging throughout the day, after the voucher went live.

        For example, earlier all 3 wedge thorne instruments were $19.99, now the electric guitar is $39.99 and the acoustic is $29.99. Zip was $9.99. Byome & Silo went from $29.99 – $49.99 later in the day.

        Just a little annoying if you had had your eye on a few plugins earlier, only to find the price doubled after you’d spent some time demo’ing them.

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Yeah, I was looking at the Wedge Force stuff while all three were $19.99. Now only the bass is $19.99. I’ll probably go with that one, though.

  4. I went ahead and grabbed the 902 De-Esser this time, since I don’t have that many de-essers (compared to most other processor types) and they all seem to act slightly differently from each other so I never know which is going to work best on a particular track and therefore it’s useful to add more to the toolbox.

  5. Steve Ruonavaara


    I ended up choosing the mesa boogie single rec. amp sim. I meant to get the dual rec, but oh well. I’m having a ton of fun with it regardless and it kicks a lot of ass. And hey, they’ve reset the codes before. Maybe they’ll do it again and I can grab the dual rec, too.

  6. Only took you 45 minutes! Took me a lot longer. I ended up going with the Lindell de-esser plugin (I’m fortunate enough to have got a good selection of Brainworx plugins already).

    • Ha ha! 45 minutes is pretty good. I just started closing my eyes and picking so I don’t spend all day trying to decide.

      • If you haven’t got it yet, the SPL Passeq has a gorgeous top end on it – really silky. And it does the Pultec bass thing really well too.very underrated plug-in in my opinion!

  7. I picked up Vocal Enhancer with this deal. I threw it on a few vocal tracks and it made a huge difference. It appears it’ll work well as a quick and easy way to bring a dull vocal to life.

  8. Last year, thanks to 2 coupons, I got the Chandler GAV19T (amazing Marshall/Vox hybrid) and the Fuchs (best Dumble ODS clone).
    Now, I’m getting the Orange Rockerverb (bx_rockergain100).
    That’s over $10,000 of amps! Thanks Tomislav!

  9. bx saturator v2 is a monter
    bx_meter is very cool also
    I ended up picking lindell d-esser since I was running with a free d-ess but great plugins
    sadly you can’t pick more than one, there was a time the code wasn’t limited, good day

  10. got the Rockergain 100 coz there’s THE Celestion Blue speaker sim in it and the amp itself is as zesty as the real Orange.

    • For anyone interested, the Audio Assault BOX30 IR pack has a freebie version with Celestion Alnico Blue, Alnico Cream, A-Type, and G12H 75Hz Pre-Rola (T1217 from
      1967) IRs that anyone can download.

  11. Anyone compared Keemun Wedge Force with IK Modo Bass 2 Free? For me, Modo Bass 2 still sounded too artificial for certain strings/notes, would Wedge Force be a better alternative in terms of sounding realistic?

    • Nevermind, decided that i dislike programming midi bass guitars enough that i’ll be focusing on recording DI bass in future.

      But, i’ve already claimed most of the remaining under-20 plugins during past sales, so i’m hoping that those prices that went up earlier today, might go back down again soon…

    • I will get this very one and then I can compare them! I like MODO BASS to sequence (but I have the full version and a lot of options to choose from tho), but as a bassist I can never get enough of bass trinkets to play with!
      The last time BPB warned about this coupon I grabbed BassMint for free. Thanks BPB!

  12. Febbie Ivaaden (Febbs!)


    I copped Spec ops and its a beast!
    Also I got bx_crispytuner last time on sale and I love it! Though there are a few cons for me, but I want to see Tom’s thoughts on this vocal pitch correction plugin of theirs :)

  13. HG 2 MS is a monster of a saturation plugin that excels at thickening basses, fattening guitars, all without raising levels, truly a fantastic plugin I recommend it for all genres, try it !

  14. Yesterday, I was not sure, should I pick Wedge Force Oolong (the acoustic guitar) or the Keemun (e-bass). I went for the Oolong. After the reset of the voucher, the Ooolong went up in price (EUR 39.99) and the Keemun stayed at EUR 19.99!
    Now I got them both for free, ha! Must be my lucky day.

    • Wow, lucky you! I’m sitting here pining over Wedge Force Matcha, but it might be totally out of the question now after being raised to $39:99 (buuuut am hoping that they’ll SOMEHOW reduce the prices again, for, reasons…).

      • true, but how likely is it really?
        i guess that if anything, they’ll change it when/if the voucher is again reset?

  15. I’m so glad I’ve got Thorn for 10 bucks. It’s such an amazing VST. The 2nd time, I’ve got Dent 2 and Fault which are crazy tools for FX, I’ll definitely use them.

  16. Kind of lame they just raised their sale prices after sending out the coupon or not? Did not buy anything for that reason.

      • The most insane part of this sale was in the very first few hours were you could get md TP for 29 or even free, dont remember. The sale now is jut standard and boring with the usual suspects.

      • bx_masterdesk True Peak is $20 for me when I log in today (so with $20 voucher it becomes free). Probably because I own bx_masterdesk and bx_masterdesk Classic.

        • Michal Ochedowski


          Thanks for that info. I had no idea there were some special offers from PA for owners of particular plugins.

          • Michal Ochedowski


            Ok, I just realized that the whole time I’ve been thinking about Brainworx bx_limiter True Peak, which is listed for 49.99 USD. bx masterdesk True Peak is indeed listed for 19.99 USD. Tomorrow is my chance to get it then.

            • I logged in to PA today and found bx_masterdesk True Peak to be $50. I reloaded the page and it changed to $20.

              • Michal Ochedowski


                I had a very sad face today in the morning. I also noticed the price being set to 49.99 USD. It turned out that it went back to previous 19.99 USD probably at the same time when PA resetted the voucher. What a great deal. bx masterdesk True Peak for free. Thanks for sharing the knowledge everyone. I’m sure I wouldn’t have noticed this plugin being on offer if it wasn’t for your comments. Hats off to PA of course for their generosity.

  17. any recommendations on this 2nd round of the voucher, for 20 or less, considering the price increase since yesterday?
    already have all 3 lindell currently available, have de-verb, have the unfiltered audio gate and bx_meter.
    really not sure what to get with this

  18. As noted by others, the voucher will be reset again. If you have gotten the free bx_masterdesk a while back, log in to your account and bx_masterdesk True Peak should be listed for USD 19.99. Using the voucher tomorrow, it should be possible to get it for free.

  19. i guess the code MEGA-20-OFF will be reset tomorrow/tonight?
    any idea why PA site now says that they have the code ANY-20-OFF ? does it require a minimum spend? does it work the same as mega-20?

  20. Looks like there will be 2 more vouchers to use for the 30th and 31st.

    “How to use your $20 code three times (3x): We will reset the code “MEGA-20-OFF” again in 24 hours. If you use the code before it is reset, you can use it three times (3x).

    Next voucher reset will be on March 29 at 11:59 pm PST. Use it or lose it! MEGA Sale ends 11:59 pm PST on March 31, 2023”

    • Or not.. Last code reset is in a few hours. They worded the previous email in a way where I thought there would be 2 more codes. Maybe I’m just illiterate. :D

      • Holding out hope that those prices might (SURPRISE!) jump back down, even at the last minute, for that Wedge Force Matchaaa!! T_T

        (And if not, i’ll just settle for the Bassdude tomorrow.)

        • This BPB has an issue:
          While I’m reading comments, the site drives me to the comment section as if I want to write a comment; but not.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      I see that you wrote your comment at 11:45. I can only add that PA mega sale ended today at 9:00 A.M GMT+1.

    • Siddharth Saraswat


      It didn’t work for me either. But, the funny thing is Brainworx bx_meter plugin which is $99 (was $5.99 during the Sale), you can still get this plugin for free with Coupen Code : BX-MTR-FREE-AZ45H8 🤣

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