Psuedostereo Debuts FREE EQ Classic OLD 2M Equalizer


Pseudostereo releases EQ Classic OLD 2M, a freeware analog-inspired equalizer plugin for Windows and macOS.

The world of analog equalizers is an immense and revered thing. You have famous equalizers like the Pultec, Baxandall, and Motown, which are still sought after for their sound and musicality.

Psuedostereo is looking to capture a bit of that mojo with EQ Classic OLD 2M – a freeware equalizer based upon the venerable hardware equalizers in London’s Abbey Road.

EQ Classic OLD 2M is a four-band stereo equalizer. Each of the four bands has variable filter types, allowing for precise adjustment. These are coupled across the left and right channels or mid and side, respectively.

Channels can be linked, which is handy, or you can set them separately.

Each of the EQ bands corresponds to your typical frequency ranges, but what makes it an interesting freeware equalizer is the flexibility of the filters themselves. You can place shelves on any band. You can do the same with high and low pass filters.

The core interface calls to mind the Chandler equalizer from Softube or the Abbey Road suite from Waves. Thankfully, the price isn’t nearly as steep as a monthly sub or whatever Softube charges on sale.

Aside from the four filters, you have a pair of high and low-pass filters. These are always a great inclusion on an equalizer and are a welcome sight here. Users can change the interface’s color, with two separate color selections from retro hardware present.

A curious inclusion is in the random channel function. This is similar to brainworx’s TMT but seems to add subtle nuance in a similar manner. It works well on certain material, but I find myself leaving it as the default.

EQ Classic OLD 2M is a fun retro-inspired equalizer, and the filters sound musical.

Psuedostereo has also included loudness meters which provide integrated, short-term and momentary LUFS. These aren’t your typical inclusion for an equalizer but are a welcome one at any rate.

EQ Classic OLD 2M is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 for Windows and AU for Mac. There is no stated compatibility with Apple Silicon devices, so you may have to try on your end.

Download:  EQ Classic OLD 2M (download links in video description)


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  1. This “Old” set makes a great alternative – and one of the only alternatives – to Waves ARTG Mastering section. EQ’s are very similar in the middle bands with the high and low shelves being much more aggressive on Pseudostereo’s plugins, where the waves are more subtle. Compressors are really nice too! Great stuff!

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