EXOVERB Micro Is FREE With Any Purchase In April


Plugin Boutique offers the EXOVERB Micro ($25 value) reverb plugin by Dear Reality as a FREE add-on with any purchase in April 2023.

Plugin Boutique regularly offers freebies to anyone purchasing from their website. Until the 1st of May, you can get a copy of the excellent EXOVERB Micro, produced by the German developer Dear Reality.

To get your free copy of EXOVERB Micro, you’ll need to buy at least one paid-for product from the Plugin Boutique library and not pay via Virtual Cash or coupons that cover the entire transaction cost.

Now, let’s talk about EXOVERB Micro and how it can improve your mixes.

Dear Reality is a household name when it comes to 3D audio and technologies to enhance the spatialization of sound. Their software is popular among sound engineers across all fields, from audio mixing to sound designs for games, movies, and virtual reality.

EXOVERB Micro embodies the company’s expertise in creating realistic virtual soundscapes. The sound stage provided by the eight acoustics scenes featured in this stereo reverb plugin feels vibrant and authentic, enhancing the depth and authenticity of the sound.

Using a wide range of room parameters and four fully-customizable acoustic scenarios (Ambiences, Rooms, Halls, and Plates), EXOVERB Micro empowers artists and sound engineers with tools that can craft realistic, three-dimensional sound fields.

The iconic triangle pad designed by Dear Reality allows you to shape the perfect audio for your needs, creating an ideal blend of reverb, dry signal, and early reflections.

Finally, EXOVERB Micro’s intuitive interface gives you access to every parameter, like pre-delay and decay, allowing the most experienced sound designers to manipulate every frequency and magnify the immersive sonic experience.

All in all, EXOVERB Micro is an ideal tool for sound designers and producers looking to upgrade the stereo imaging of their audio, with an expertly-crafted reverb designed to bring sounds to life. Reverb is an essential tool for mixing music; adding another option to your toolkit never hurts.

EXOVERB Micro is easy to use and can blend into the workflow of both experienced music producers and beginners. If you want to improve your reverb skills, check out our reverb mixing tips article.

EXOVERB Micro is available for Windows and Mac as a VST, AU, or AAX plugin.

Download: EXOVERB Micro (FREE with any purchase in April)


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