Get 5 Cherry Audio Plugins For Less Than $20 @ Humble Bundle!


Humble Bundle launched the Level Up Music Creators Power Pack, which includes five Cherry Audio plugins, Mixcraft Recording Studio, Soundtrack Loops packs, and more content for less than $20.

Do you want a bunch of plugins and samples for a low price?

No, it isn’t the latest sale from Plugin Boutique or some monthly perk from AudioDeluxe. Instead, take a gander at Humble Bundle’s latest bundle, the Level Up Music Creators Power Pack.

Level Up comes with 47 items, with a DAW, premium soft synths, effects, and a plethora of samples to get your creativity jump-started. The minimum buy-in for all of the items in the bundle is $20, and you get quite a bit for your money.

The DAW on offer is Mixcraft Recording Studio. It isn’t the most fully-stocked version of Mixcraft, but it is great for beginners and isn’t nearly as hamstrung as something like Ableton Live Lite or Bitwig 8-Track.

The synths on offer are Cherry Audio’s Memorymode, PS-20, CA2600, and Voltage Modular Ignite. This covers a wide variety of sounds, and you can purchase additional modules for Voltage Modular Ignite to extend its capabilities.

Memorymode, in particular, is a stellar subtractive synth and one of the best out of the developer currently. Also included is Cherry Audio’s Galactic Reverb, which should be familiar to users of Elka-X and some of their more recent synths. You can conjure up some lush and gigantic spaces, befitting the name.

Also included is a treasure trove of sample packs by Soundtrack Loops, covering various genres. There are samples here for hip-hop, house, techno, soul, DnB, and a whole lot more. At the very least, these can serve as a great source of inspiration for aspiring and experienced producers alike.

Humble Bundle has packed a fair bit in this bundle, and it’s arguably one of the best that they’ve oriented towards producers of all experience levels.

If you want to snag Level Up, you’ve got a bit of time, as the bundle expires on the 25th of April.

One of the added bonuses of the included software is that you can upgrade to the higher versions of Cherry Audio’s Synth Stack, Voltage Modular, and the next version of Mixcraft for a greatly reduced price.

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Visit: Level Up Music Creators Power Pack (Limited offer ends April 25)

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  1. Nice.

    For all those who don’t need another pack of samples and are just interested in Voltage Modular:

    You can buy the Humble Bundle for 1€ to get Ignite and buy the upgrade from Ignite to Core for 20€ from pluginboutique.
    or get the “full” core+electro drums for 45€.

    Interestingly the Cherry Audio 75% Discount is not listed on Pluginboutiques “Deals”. You have to manually search for “Voltage Modular”

    • Upgrading to Voltage Modular Core for $25 is a no-brainer, because Core includes the module that lets you run any third-party VST plugins as devices in the Voltage Modular interface.

      By the way, the $25 upgrade does include Misfit Electro Drums as well – no need to get the $49 package just for that.

  2. Bought it and spent more than the required amount to support everyone a bit more.

    Thanks BPB for this awesome package !!

  3. That’s an excellent deal and I’m all for giving a bit to charity. I’ve already got the CA2600 so the code for that I’ll give away (hit me up if you want it for a comp or something). The sample packs are of decent quality but a bit too over processed for my liking, but plenty of stuff to flip and chop. I agree the star here is the Memorymode. Incredible sound!

  4. There are also goodies included with Mixcraft 9:

    G-Sonique Alien 303 and Renegade VSTs
    AAS Journey’s soundpack and Lounge Lizard EP (but not the latest version)
    Gunnar Ekornås Messiah v2

    Not sure if they can be used outside that DAW, but at least Journeys can be used with Swatches in any DAW, and that retails at $39 usually

  5. i don’t know why they use free plugins and list them in their page as if they were made by acoustica. Even Tracktion free provides their own plugins

      • Maybe so but, other than the excellent Messiah VST, the included software is mediocre Synthmaker/Flowstone stuff. G-sonique Alien 303 and Renegade were made with Synthmaker and nothing special; certainly not worth any serious producer’s time unless that person is just starting out and doesn’t already have something comparable in their plugin folder.

        MixCraft itself was a decent entry level DAW way back when I used it many years ago (version 6? 7?) and I enjoyed how simple and easy to use it was at the time. But even then their included software collection was a joke. It was such low grade stuff that it was like “why bother including it at all?” It’s crazy to me that the included plugins are basically the same even after all these years later. YMMV of course.

  6. My problem with the Cherry Audio plugins is that they kill my CPU, they are even harder on it than u-he’s Repro (to compare)
    My system isn’t new, but 16GB RAM and i5 still manage to run most other software satisfactory.

    • Maybe it´s time for a update of your machine, a used Ryzen3900x is a monster and you will get somekind of used pc´s from 2021 around 200bucks up with 16gb ram without graphicscard and big ssd, the new stuff cheaptrick is a Ryzen5700g with 16gb 3600mhz cl17 and a b550board for around 300.
      But I´m quiet happy also with my i7 Notebook cpu from 2015, so what DAW your using, maybe it´s audio engine is the bottleneck at the end ;)

      If money is a thing for you these days, update your 2core computer to 4core around 30-45bucks

      nice regards

  7. I still bought Cherrys VM2500 bundle for 25€ on sale at cherry audios hompage directly.
    I own Elka X, Ca2600 and DCO106 so no need for a memorymoog and ps20 cause i still own the legend from synapse and some other gems.

    As well if you grab now modular nucleus for free
    you will get 100 modules at their sale for free when you snap the free items on their modular item list.
    Together with the VM2500 bundle you will have a modular monster, with a amazing sound what can be enough, to let the partyfolks dance the hole night to one plugin and it´s sound capabilities, if your crazy enough to learn how you could tweak the connections!

    For people how don´t have one of cherry audios nice plugins this extreme sale is a bargain, but if you have a lot of synths in your arsenal I would say, better spend your money for other stuff ;) or do it like me.

    Ca2600 is recommended for drum sounds, PS-20 of it´s Moog MS-20 basses and Memorymoog of the big palette for dance and other music, the galactic verb is a relatively well sounding digital reverb of the 80ties, could be helpfull.

  8. Cherry Audio is shutting down license transfers as of May 1 for new licenses and August 1 for old licenses.

  9. Adilbek Temirkhanov


    Charity is good, but Humble Bundle account verification seemed to be quiet daunting with their SMS-codes and weird errors. I tried several times, but no success, so I guess it is a no to me :(

  10. Bought the full bundle, I hope the donation can help BPB to continue its excellent work on behalf of the music community. Well done to your team. Thank you.

  11. Great deal and helping charity is good, but their account verification has been a disaster so far. I started this morning and have yet to finalize my order. Why do they ‘need’ to verify my phone ? I’ve purchase from many companies all over the world and never had to deal with this. Sorry Humble.

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