Audiolatry Updates FREE FunkBass Virtual Instrument Plugin


Audiolatry releases FunkBass, a FREE virtual instrument for Windows and macOS.

Bass, along with your drums, is the backbone of any track. If you’re looking for a hint of inspiration or just a different set of sounds, then Audiolatry has you covered.

The plugin developer has released FunkBass, a sample-based virtual instrument meant to bring a touch of groove to your productions.

FunkBass has a very retro wave theme to its overall design but is meant for various genres. If you’re looking for distorted wobbles, growls, or other weapons of destruction at home in DnB, you might be disappointed.

For those who are making house, pop, RnB, and a variety of different genres, FunkBass is well worth a look.

FunkBass comes with 21 presets, with sound sources ranging from synthesized samples to more traditional electric bass.

The core interface of FunkBass has a fair amount of controls despite being sample-based. A rudimentary envelope is present, allowing for adjustment for the attack and release stages of the amplitude. You can also readily control the gain and pan on the left side of the interface.

You can add a little grit and grime with the built-in distortion, which can act as a drive or an overall gain boost. This can be combined with a cabinet simulation to coax a bit more realism out of the electric bass samples. It also can serve quite well on synthesized waveforms. Also present is a basic modulation source, which can be routed to a single parameter. You can specify the speed and depth of the modulation, as well as the waveform used by the LFO.

The final portions of the controls are dedicated to the voicing of the instrument, with options for legato, glide, and a filter. These aren’t quite as in-depth as a full-blown synth but give a little more fine control over the final sound.

FunkBass is a fun little source of inspiration and well worth a download if you’re looking for some fresh sounds. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, and AU. You’ll need a 64-bit host to run the plugin as well.

Download: Audiolatry FunkBass


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