Fugue State Audio Releases FREE Latcher Noise Box


Fugue State Audio has released Latcher, a FREE noise-box synth for Windows.

Latcher is a noise box synth that combines an AM/FM oscillator configuration with an APC-style monostable.

If Latcher looks familiar, it’s likely because it’s almost visually identical to XORbot, another noise box synth plugin from the same developer we covered late last year.

The two releases share many features and the same simple interface but slightly differ in sound generation. The developer describes Latcher’s sound generation as a cross between Modutronic Messmaker (AM/FM noise box), XORbot, and an Atari Punk Console.

The Atari Punk Console (APC) is often the starting point for anyone looking to try a little DIY synth building because it’s relatively cheap and easy to build. It’s a simple circuit with a single 556 dual-timer IC or two 555 timer ICs.

Forest M. Mims created the APC in the early 1980s, although the name wasn’t quite so cool back then. In 1982, he named the circuit Sound Synthesizer, which later changed to Stepped-Tone Generator.

The name Atari Punk Console comes from the circuit sounding (loosely) like the Atari 2600 games console and is credited to Kaustic Machines.

The foundation of the circuit is that you have an astable oscillator driving a monostable oscillator. In the case of Latcher, you have the AM/FM oscillator configuration and the oscillator-triggered APC-style monostable.

Like XORbot, Latcher offers no MIDI key tracking, although it’s available as a mod source.

Fugue State Audio put together a demo video to showcase Latcher in action. The video demonstrates presets that don’t use incoming MIDI note data and presets that do.

I’m sure most of you will be familiar with this kind of sound generation and have an idea of what to expect. But, for anyone who might be expecting something that’s more instantly recognizable as musical (like I would have in my earlier days), it’s worth checking out.

Synths make an infinite range of weird and wonderful sounds, and they all have a place, whether as a lead sound, enhancing another sound, or adding rhythmic content or texture.

If you haven’t yet, check out the FREE S Pulser tremolo effect from SoliderSound.

Latcher is available in the VST3 format for Windows, and you can download it for free or choose to name your own price.

Download: Latcher

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    • It’s literally that, a DIY synthesizer in a variety of boxes (cigar, tuperware(tm), VHS, …), with usually simple circuitry inside (up to insane cable nest), a few controls and an output jack to reap the sound it produces.
      You might want to google/youtube those words, but also “dub siren” or “atari punk console”which are specific/classic types of boxes. And the infinite variations of them.

  1. Fugue State Audio dev really good plugins and this one is no exception. My only critique is that their GUIs aren’t great, but the controls are laid out fairly well and I’m well used to stock SynthEdit interfaces such as these, so it’s certainly nothing that would keep me from using them. Great work, FSA! I’m definitely a fan.

  2. Robert Peirce


    So I just tried to buy this and it was nothing but frustration. Received a bunch of folders onto my pc ,none of them installed anything. I really hope I have no future issues and it would be nice if someone could send me something in exchange for this nothing.

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