Witech Releases FREE Simple Sampler Plugin


Witech released Simple Sampler, a freeware sampler VST3 plugin for Windows.

Along with synthesis, sampling is one of the backbones of electronic production. While most DAWs have their own sampler built-in, there is something to be said about having options.

With the plethora of samplers in the wild for producers, Witech has thrown in their hat with the release of Simple Sampler.

Simple Sampler is not to be mistaken with Ableton’s Simpler, which is a far more robust instrument than this. Instead, you can think of it as being more akin to a MIDI-controlled soundboard.

The interface of Simple Sampler is fairly barebones and straight to the point. You can load twelve samples corresponding to twelve keys into each slot. The slots offer individual output channels, which might make for a great barebones drum sampler of sorts.

However, Simple Sampler doesn’t track pitch or have any sort of feature-rich functionality like you might expect from your DAW’s native sampler.

You can certainly load Simple Sampler up with melodic loops, but you have very little in the way of controlling or manipulating the sample. Instead, it just plays them as is, without regard for loop points or with potential for sound shaping through integrating an amplitude envelope.

While it works well with percussion one-shots, I can’t personally recommend Simple Sampler as a loop player when your audio timeline will do the job just as well.

Simple Sampler is an interesting proof of concept from the developer, where it serves as a project built from the iPlug 2 project. The interface is resizable, and the plugin itself is certainly easy enough to use.

Whether this is worth a spot in your plugin folder is entirely dependent on whether you think such a simple sample-based instrument is worth integrating into your workflow.

Simple Sampler also takes on a fair few audio formats for sampling, with popular ones like WAV, MP3, and AIFF being accounted for and some more obscure formats.

Simple Sampler is available for Windows computers only at the moment. The only plugin format on offer is VST3. You will need a 64-bit host to properly use it.

If you’re looking for a more advanced sampling tool, refer to our list of free sampler plugins.

Download: Simple Sampler


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  1. Is there a precompiled Windows VST3? I’m only seeing source code here, most of the github projects I grab usually have a precompiled file as well as source code

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