SuperflyDSP Releases FREE Lost-Samplers LoFi Effect Plugin


SuperflyDSP releases Lost-Samplers, a freeware lo-fi audio effect emulating the sonic imperfections of old-school hardware samplers.

The sounds of yesteryear still remain prevalent in production. With these sounds comes the expectation of the flaws and limitations of the medium. SuperflyDSP’s latest, Lost-Sampler, seeks to revisit the grunge and dirt prevalent on early samplers.

At its core, Lost-Samplers seeks to serve as a grab box of the elements most commonly associated with early samplers. Users have a plethora of controls to mangle their sound and add that lossy digital distortion that has made things like the early MPCs such a coveted item.

The user interface is fairly straightforward and to the point. A handful of elements are present on the GUI itself, with the two most notable knobs relating to depth and rate. These knobs control the depth and rate of the actual buffer, which can add digital dropouts, jittering, or even function as a glitch effect when pushed.

Directly below the main control knobs, you will find the bit depth selector, with selections for 8-bit, 9-bit, 10-bit, and 12-bit. These add varying degrees of grunge to the signal and can help add a little grime to your drums or melodic elements.

Below the bit depth is the selector for the downsampling and artifacts controls. These work together with the bit depth parameter to introduce more of the actual imperfections of the early digital era.

Downsampling or subsampling was a necessity for early samplers, but here the signal degradation is added for flavor. Artifacts work similarly, acting more as an element to add more authenticity to the processing.

Lost-Samplers works well for folks making lo-fi, DnB, jungle, or anything where that tell-tale bit crushing works on a drum kit. Add some subtle bitcrushing to a hip-hop drum kit and behold the iconic drum crunch of early hip-hop percussion.

The effect also does wonders on keys, as the weirder variances of digital imperfections add melodious elements to something sweet-sounding like a mellow Rhodes or felted piano.

Lost-Samplers is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3 and AU. I can’t test for Apple Silicon compatibility, and there is no literature stating whether it is ready for the latest Macs. At any rate, it hopefully can run in Rosetta.

Download: Lost-Samplers


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