Indie Voices Vocal Library By Splash Sound Is FREE Until May 5th!


Splash Sound offers the Indie Voices vocal sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt (full version) as a FREE download until May 5th, 2023.

Who doesn’t love a little indie spirit in their productions?

Well, if you are involved with any sort of indie pop or indie rock, then Splash Sound might just have the thing for you. Indie Voices is a free Kontakt library that gives professional vocal tones to your indie productions.

Indie Voices is only available for free until the 5th of May, so you’ll need to act quick before it defaults to its normal price of $27.00. That aside, there is a fair bit to work with here.

The library comes with three included instruments. These include a vocal pad, shouts, and a phrase builder.

The vocal pad is great for laying down a little atmosphere or ambiance while you bring in some punchy drums or jangly guitar lines. It also does well to harmonize with your own vocal lines if you so choose. It is a fairly pleasant hum sound, which thankfully fits most places.

The shouts and yells are great for adding a little extra emphasis or even just using them as part of a transition from a bridge to a chorus.

However, the phrase builder is where Indie Voices gets really interesting. You can handcraft your own phrases across an octave and a half, with shorter notes providing the means to drive forward some inspiration.

Indie Voices isn’t a full-blown vocal replacement library by any means, but it is quite a neat little freebie. If you yearn for the indie rock of yesteryear, this certainly captures that certain zeitgeist. All you’ll need is a bombastic percussion section and at least one violin library to really complete the illusion.

As far as compatibility goes, Indie Voices runs on Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher. You can certainly run it on Kontakt Player, but you’re restricted to fifteen-minute demos, which is less than ideal for long writing sessions.

Indie Voices is compatible with any computer running the aforementioned Kontakt version. This means Mac and Windows users alike get a fun little library to play with.

With the recent batch of updates from Native Instruments, it can also be used with Apple Silicon devices.

Download: Indie Voices (Free offer until May 5th)


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