Otamatone Is A FREE Cinematic Library For Kontakt Player


Audio Imperia just released Otamatone, a new cinematic Kontakt library that aims to satisfy every cinematic composer’s needs.

Otamatone is fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin, marking a remarkable change in the pricing model for the sample library boutique.

As the Audio Imperia team stated in their presentation of this new product, they worked for months to develop and refine their new soloist: a collection of carefully-crafted, extremely versatile sounds that’ll enhance your scores and turn them into immersive soundscapes.

They believe their new groundbreaking library will reach its full potential only if available to everyone, empowering artists with a tool kit that can let their imagination run wild and create a vibrant community around their cinematic sound pack.

The dexterity and reliability of Otamatone are evident at first glance: a magnificent collection of low, medium, and high-range FX that can be endlessly personalized through the individual microphones (Spot, AB, and Far mics) and the well-known pyramid engine that made Audio Imperia’s creations so popular.

1.3 GB of professional sounds, ranging from authentic classical instruments to energetic percussions: here, you’ll find everything you need to bring your new cinematic compositions to life. Each component can be customized to the producer’s needs, and possibilities for creating otherworldly soundscapes are truly endless here.

The library includes a series of long and short enveloping articulations, which can be combined with a rich selection of aleatoric effects to craft a unique sonic texture.

Designed with both experienced and first-time composers in mind, Otamatone aims to become the Swiss Army knife of every soundtrack scorer, with a realistic and fully-customizable library that gives you complete control over every sound.

Otamatone is available for free on Kontakt Player. All you need to do is download the Native Instruments application first and then Otamatone, and you’ll have a new incredible sound library at your fingertips.

When you release a new score using Otamatone, consider sharing it online using the hashtag #NEXTGENERATIONSAMPLING to show the potential of this powerful library and get promoted by the Audio Imperia team.

SPOILER ALERT: The library was released on April 1st, so there’s some humor involved, but it’s still worth checking out.

Download: Otamatone


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  1. Great offer @ humblebundle:

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    Cherry Audio PS-20 Synthesizer
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    • Looks like an excellent deal

      Noting that it was difficult to google, it is called:


    • Richard Cooper


      Even better, though cheap, I got the Cherry Modular Ignite and their 2600 along with a bunch of sample packs for just $1.

      • Nice, but I already got the CA2600 free a couple of months ago at Plugin Boutique

        But I am very happy to get three Cherry Audio products I didn’t have for less than €20.

        And Mixcraft 9 on top of that is pure gravy!

        I went with the Sub Chill with the coupon at Soundtrack Loops

        A bit annoying downloading the samples, as WAV and AIFF are both packed together, so one end up having to download 40GB, where one only will be using half.

        All in all very happy, the deal was smooth, and download fast :-)

  2. Brian Kooshian


    Okay, I stand corrected. Glad to say it is a real thing. I somehow missed the separate email with the serial. All good now.

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