Transpanner Is A FREE 3D Audio Panning Plugin By Artists In DSP


Artists in DSP released Transpanner, a freeware 3D audio panning tool for Windows (coming soon) and macOS in VST3 and AU plugin formats.

Transpanner is a 3D audio panning effect optimized for use with stereo speakers.

It features an intuitive user interface with two controls. The main knob controls the 3D position of your audio, the Rear Filter slider enhances the front/rear placement of the audio, and the Loudspeakers Distance slider optimizes the audio according to your monitor placement.

Thanks to its clean design and self-explanatory controls, Transpanner is very easy to use. Simply load it on a stereo channel and adjust the controls until you get the desired sound.

I tested Transpanner with a pair of studio monitors and my studio headphones, and it performed well in both cases. The effect sounds convincing when listened to through a pair of speakers. It works well on headphones too, but you should apply some subtle stereo reverberation to make it sound more natural.

You can hear the effect in action in the demo video below.

There are many ways to use a 3D panner in your audio setup, whether as a tool for mixing music or a special effect for sound design. One interesting option is to load it on a background element in a mix, for example, a pad or a soundscape, and automate the effect to get some interesting movement out of it.

Transpanner is free to download from Artists in DSP’s official Gumroad page. You can download it free of charge or send a donation to support the developer’s work.

CORRECTION: The Windows version is expected soon.

Download: Transpanner


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Commenters who say it is not for Windows are correct – there is no Windows installer. VST3 is to my understanding supposed to be cross-platform, but unless you have a Mac to install the .pkg file, you can’t get to the VST3.

    • VST3 is only an API, a set of commands to standardize (to a point) how the host (usually a DAW) talks to a plugin. It’s only crossplatform in the sense that nothing prevents you to make a plugin in that ‘format’ on any platform (that said, outside of Win, OSX and Linux, I’ve never seen it used or supported by the official SDK). But the actual plugin program has to be coded in accordance to the platform you want to it to run on. The graphics in particular are a huge problem if you write the plugin using the base functions of a particular OS.
      That is why many plugins are using what are called frameworks, who provide an extra layer of compatibility to different OSes, so the dev doesn’t have to write code for each specific platform.
      If you’re familiar with gaming, OpenGL is such a framework, that enables a game to be written to run on different platforms but also gfx cards, because they all understand each other. While other APIs like DirectX rely/relied on specific drivers for different GPUs, and is pretty much Windows-only.
      You also have to compile the plugin for each platform, and CPU target you want to support, because there are even more things to take into account.
      It’s a mess. ;-)

  2. A versão que é instalada é 1.0.0 e não 1.0.3, como informa o pkg. E para mim a chave de licença não libera o plugin. Apenas comigo aconteceu isso? Ou mais alguém?! O que fiz de errado?!?

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