Function Loops x BandLab Launch Music Contest With $5,000 In Prizes


Function Loops recently partnered with BandLab to launch the #FunctionLoopsVocalPack music production contest with $5,000 in prizes. The company also offers a free label sampler with over 500 MB of royalty-free sounds.

The four best-placed winners of the #FunctionLoopsVocalPack competition will receive a Premium Bundle pack by Function Loops, including more than $1000 worth of sample content. Additionally, the first-place winner will walk away with a cash prize of $500, and the three runner-ups will receive a $100 cash prize.

To summarize:

  • 1st: Function Loops Premium Bundle ($1,000 worth of content) and $500;
  • 2nd-4th: Function Loops Premium Bundle ($1,000 worth of content) and $100.

The contest welcomes musicians of all skill levels, from beginners just starting their musical journey to experienced music producers and seasoned professionals who have been in the industry for quite some time.

To join the #FunctionLoopsVocalPack competition, contestants are encouraged to get their hands on the Vocal Pop + RNB Vibes sample pack and use it to create one-of-a-kind music tracks that showcase their talent and creativity.

The Vocal Pop + RNB Vibes sample pack is packed with a wide variety of sounds that are perfect for producing not only mainstream hits but also for adding a touch of soulful elements to any type of music project. These samples are carefully designed to meet the needs of music producers working in various genres, such as electronica, hip-hop, and more.

So, whether you’re an electronic music producer, a beatmaker looking for fresh sounds, or an experimental artist, you’ll find some inspiring sounds for your toolkit in the Vocal Pop + RNB Vibes pack.

And if you want more Function Loops content, check out their free label sampler with over 500 MB of sounds.

The submission deadline for the Function Loops x BandLab contest is April 30th, 2023, at 8:00 AM. If you’re interested in entering the competition, there’s still ample time left to work on your submission.

Watch the video below for more info on how to enter.

Apart from being a way to win a valuable prize, music competitions like this one are a fun way to develop your music production skills, especially the ability to finish a project.

I entered a few forum music competitions back in the day, and making music with a deadline in mind helped me focus on actually finishing a track instead of adding new ideas and refining the arrangement forever.

So, you don’t have to focus on winning the prize. Instead, consider it a way to practice your mixing, arrangement, and composition skills.

Interested producers can find further information on contest details, including submission guidelines and eligibility requirements, on the BandLab website.

What are your thoughts on music production contests? Would you join if we launched one on Bedroom Producers Blog?

More info: BandLab x Function Loops (submission deadline: April 3oth)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I will pass by this one. Terms looks so confusing, as the DAW itself
    “You can enter as many times as you like with different tracks, as long as they are published for the first time during the competition period.”
    “Submissions don’t need to be created during the entry period, just published for the first time – so even if the contest hasn’t started yet, you can prepare your tracks now to make sure you have a head-start when the contest opens!”
    “If you have a private track created before the entry period that you would like to submit, you can do so when you publish it – but unpublishing an older track and republishing it will not work. Editing an existing song’s description with the hashtag doesn’t count either! For forking contests, make sure you fork directly from the contest page or linked blog post to ensure your entry makes it to the general contest feed.”
    On Functionloops site they says that it ends 30 of april, on Bandlab it is 1 may, here it is 31st….

    • Nothing about this contest is right. Not to mention, the vocal loop is s*****, and it has very s***** fx on it. Plus, the “lyrics” are garbage. And the loop is less than 32 seconds come on? is it a contest about who can make the most ****** song with it?

  2. Would join a bpb contest for sure! Too bad metapop recently stopped. So I’m on the lookout for something similar. I’m sure I’m not the only one!
    Btw not for prices perse but being forced into constraints keeps my brain inspired!

    • Peter Dillon-Parkin


      I’d have a go at a BPB contest for fun. Most of these competitions are for genres I’m not to interested in.

    • Hmm I’m definitely looking to do more remixes. It focuses the mind and I get a structure/ideas down a lot more quickly (and of course actually complete a project as you say lol). A bloody shame that Metapop is closing its doors as that was an easy going place with some great inspiration and contests. This Bandlab one feels a bit “off” to me though.

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