Supertone Releases Goyo Voice Separator FREE Public Beta


Supertone releases a FREE public beta of Goyo Voice Separator, a voice separation plugin for macOS and Windows.

Goyo Voice Separator is a plugin that aims to provide an easy way to balance your audio or remove unwanted noise while maintaining a natural-sounding vocal.

Any plugin that can convincingly remove unwanted ambient noise or separate individual elements of an audio track is a pretty amazing thing. By convincingly, I mean removing the bad without taking most of the good with it or removing a vocal to create a backing track that doesn’t sound warped and mangled beyond recognition.

There’s no shortage of plugins offering these functions, but their effectiveness is widely varied from one to another.

Earlier this year, Bertom Audio released Denoiser Classic, a free alternative to Denoiser Pro, and that seemed to be very well received.

There are also the heavy hitters, the iZotope’s industry standard RX. I have always liked RX, and it’s helped me out multiple times, but for anyone who isn’t an expert in this specific task, like myself, RX also makes it easy to be too heavy-handed and do more harm than good.

So, at first sight, Goyo’s fool-proof design should save time and frustration for many users on many tasks.

Goyo splits your audio into three channels, namely Ambience, Voice, and Voice Reverb:

  • Ambience: Everything other than the voice.
  • Voice: Just the voice.
  • Voice Reverb: The room sound and other spatial artifacts associated with the voice.

Goyo lets you de-noise, de-voice, and de-reverb from a straightforward interface, making it a sort of all-in-one plugin despite its simple design.

If you check out the website, you can listen to vocal examples from different environments, like a subway station, outdoor speech, and a basketball court. You can toggle each channel on/off during the examples to hear Goyo in action, and it definitely shows some early promise.

Goyo is still in the Beta stage, and if you want to try it for yourself, you’ll have to sign up with your email address.

If you ever spend any time trying to separate vocals or clean up background noise for podcasts, etc., you’ll know it can be very tedious. If Goyo makes it any easier to get good results, it’s worth checking out.

Goyo Voice Separator is available in AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.15 upwards) and Windows (10 upwards).

Download: Goyo Voice Separator (free public beta)


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  1. Man that lead magnet is dead. The button is broken. It doesn’t work. Can you please contact the developer?

  2. First download didn’t work, but the second installation seems to be doing great. I tested it by trying to remove the reverb from an Alice In Chains vocal track and it worked great! Should be a fantastic tool, especially for someone doing a remix where they’re wanting to extract reverb and ambience that is baked into a track or a stem. I can see myself using it a lot

  3. I think this plugin can have multiple use cases, either as a real-time voice denoiser for Zoom or Meet, just to name a few or for cleaning pre-recorded vocals! I’m testing it using my headset mic and I have pretty good results so far. Great contribution!

  4. Hey, this seems pretty good! I do audio clean-up and podcast editing daily and am very impressed with it’s ability to remove noise (or “Ambience”) from podcast recordings. I could even see it rivaling RX’s Voice De-Noise in some use-cases.

    It’s ability to remove reverb is less impressive, at least on the recordings I tried this out on. Effectively removing reverb from speech is hit or miss with even the best plug-ins, though. For me, worth downloading for the Ambience reduction! Very promising.

  5. I’ve just received a communication from Supertone Inc. stating that:

    “Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Supertone Voice Clarity, our official product replacing Goyo.” […] “Following the release, we’ll transition into phasing out beta testing. Usage and support for existing users will continue until October 31st”.

    Does this mean that after October 31st GOYO will stop working???

    • I hope not, I got this email too. I’m fine if they’re releasing an expanded version but I didn’t realize that they would just pull the plug eventually. I mean I didn’t get to use it that much quite honestly but I was thinking of using it in the future. I know they said there’ll be a discount for beta users, I just hope it’ll be a hefty discount and reasonably priced!

  6. Your link to download Goyo doesn’t work
    even though they have posted that the Beta will cease as of Dec. 1st
    there is NO DOWNLOAD available

  7. Dennis Isnothappy


    I legit cannot download the plugin. It instead tells me to go to the website, download the trial and then enter my license so I have the fully installed plugin. However, when I press “download trial version” it instead asks me for my email, which I enter, but NOTHING HAPPENS! No email, no download link.. nothing! It instead says “Your download links will be sent to you soon”. I’ve waited HOURS and NOTHING! I’ve also double checked spam folders and other folders in my email. First off, this plugin should be $9.99 or maybe $19.99 at the MOST for how little it can do. The fact I was willing to pay $69 just shows you how much I thought this plugin could help with background noises while recording my podcast, instead.. I’m sitting here fumbling around wondering why the hell they haven’t sent me a download link yet even though I’ve already paid for the damn thing!

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