Arturia Tape MELLO-FI For FREE With Loopcloud Trial


Download Arturia’s Tape MELLO-FI for free when you take a 14-day Loopcloud trial in May 2023.

Arturia’s Tape MELLO-FI is a lo-fi effect plugin that adds instant retro vibes to your project. You can use it on pretty much any instrument or vocals or give your entire mix some vintage character.

You can grab the plugin (usually $99) for free by taking a 14-day Loopcloud trial (the offer ends May 31st, 2023).

I’m sure most of you know Loopcloud well, but for anyone less familiar, it’s an industry-leading platform that provides instant access to over four million royalty-free samples.

I use Loopcloud already, and, for me, it’s less about the massive library of sounds and more about the built-in features that other platforms either don’t have or don’t do as well.

Loopcloud has a built-in 8-track editor and pattern creator that should prevent you from wasting points on the wrong samples. Previewing a sound is one thing, but taking multiple samples and building a sequence before you buy is a game-changer.

In my experience, I’ve generally found the right sound quicker through Loopcloud, and it integrates well with my DAW (Logic Pro), so I’ve no complaints.

Of course, it’s not for everyone; if you don’t think you’ll use it often enough to justify the membership fee, there’s no point. But if you are considering joining a platform, I like Loopcloud, and it’s always best to try it when there’s a freebie on offer!

All trials come with 100 points to spend on samples; you can cancel your membership anytime and keep any purchased samples.

Back to the freebie: Tape MELLO-FI is, in Arturia’s words, a one-stop lo-fi toolkit.

The plugin has two main sections: Preamp and Tape.

The vintage Preamp section has Drive, Tone, and Noise controls that let you add distortion, texture, and color your sound.

The Tape section provides the overall quality degradation, random fluctuations, and authentic mechanical noise you’d get from a genuine vintage tape machine. It has controls for Wow, Flutter, Wear, and Mechanics to create the perfect blend of imperfections.

Tape MELLO-FI has a cool tape stop feature that you can tempo-sync or use randomly for glitchy tape effects. It also has a 12dB low-pass/high-pass filter to add a little sound-shaping flexibility.

Tape MELLO-FI was available for free last year through various promotions, and if you missed it, don’t miss it again; it’s a great freebie!

I love it on keys, but it’s great for anything that needs an extra-chilled vibe. If your sound is just too clean for your liking, you can also check out our BPB Dirty Filter Plus.

Get the deal: Loopcloud (FREE Arturia MELLO-FI with trial)


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  1. I will never have anything of Arturia.
    Their download system is horrible for me and it is unstable. When you contact them you do not get a real answer.

    Too bad. I will pass.

    • Christian H


      No need to use Software Center. Individual installers are available in the Resources tab of the product page:

    • I have three Arturia products and I’ve never had any problems with and the programs manager, it’s very user friendly. I think even a child could figure it out.

  2. Matthew B. Carter


    I received a free license for this plugin a while ago from a 3rd party vendor.

    It failed to redeem on Arturia’s website. I contacted Arturia to find out what the issue was and they said they had no idea what I was talking about and that I need to figure it out with the 3rd party vendor, even tho Arturia sponsored the giveaway with that vendor.

    PITA in my opinion. Arturia installer is annoying but no worse than something like IK multimedia. Really wish I didn’t need to have 20 plugin licensing programs on my computer.

    If you want to avoid the Arturia BS just grab Chow Tape for creative tape applications, and ToneBoosters ReelBus v3 for cleaner tape sounds. Both are free indefinitely.

    I actually made around 50 presets for Chow Tape that are included with the official installer. Just check out the folder “Carter” in the presets of Chow Tape. Perfect for LoFi, Synthwave and other genres.

    Check it out!

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