baKno Audio Releases FREE HighPass Reverb Plugin


baKno Audio released HighPass Reverb, a freeware reverb plugin with a built-in high pass filter.

HighPass Reverb is an algorithmic reverb effect with two additional features. It aims to speed up the mixing process by including a high-pass filter and a real-time frequency spectrum analyzer.

The inclusion of a high-pass filter is logical and self-explanatory. You can use it to filter out the bass frequencies in the wet signal, which is essential for maintaining an uncluttered mix.

Of course, you can achieve the same result by placing an EQ after the reverb on the FX send, but HighPass Reverb saves you that extra step. The recently released Ducky Verb plugin takes this concept to the next level by including a fully-featured parametric EQ in the reverb chain.

Whereas the built-in high-pass filter is undeniably useful, I don’t see much purpose for the included frequency spectrum analyzer. Sure, it’s fun to see the reverb’s frequency range, but the included analyzer isn’t very detailed, and I don’t think it’s necessary for speeding up one’s workflow.

That said, there’s a chance that someone could find it useful, especially new producers who are still learning the basics of music production.

Extra features aside, HighPass Reverb is a rather straightforward reverb plugin. It sounds fine, and you can adjust the Room Size, Damping, and Dry/Wet parameters, in addition to the filter Frequency.

The GUI also looks fine, with large and easy-to-identify knobs. You can choose the background color, which is a nice touch. As I already mentioned, the spectrum analyzer works OK, but it isn’t very detailed, so its usefulness is questionable.

HighPass Reverb is available in VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible DAW software on Windows and macOS. You can download it for free from the developer’s website. Don’t forget to also download your free license file, which is required to activate the plugin.

Looking for a more lo-fi reverb with plenty of character? Try our free BPB Dirty Spring plugin and add a vintage vibe to your next project.

Download: HighPass Reverb


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  1. Rob Connelly


    Has anyone figured out how this baKno license situation works? I got this last week. It times out every 10 seconds. I’ve wrote support 3x with no response. baKno doesn’t ask for your email when getting their product. How do they give you a license?? Many are in the same situation from my experience. Any answers?

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