Kitton 2 Is A FREE Drum Machine Plugin


Fanan Team releases Kitton 2, a freeware drum machine plugin.

Drums are the backbone of so many popular genres. If you’re on the hunt for a lightweight drum machine, then Fanan’s Kitton 2 might fit the bill for you.

Kitton 2 is a General MIDI compatible drum plugin that comes with 20 kits. The kits have a good bit of variety between them and are sampling acoustic drum kits that you might find in a band context.

You will find kits for rock, general usage, electronic music, jazz, pop, and a lot more. Each of the sounds in a kit has a good amount of tweaking and control behind it as well.

Six effects allow you to sculpt a kit in use without having to reach for external processors. Users have access to saturation, compression, reverb, delay, and stereo widening.

There is also a unique filter developed by Fanan called the Zelda filter which can be used for further tone sculpting. Drum sounds can be further manipulated with EQ and pitch shifting.

The implementation of the pitch shifting is done on a per-voice basis, which can be handy for having a lower snare sound while keeping your kick and hats at their original pitch.

If you’ve got a plethora of free drum grooves, this is readily usable. Being General MIDI compatible leaves it fairly flexible, as the old standard is still fairly popular for key mapping on drums.

The drums themselves sound decent, they certainly aren’t exhaustively captured drum sounds captured in a high-tech studio. Kitton 2 very well could serve as a fun source of inspiration, however.

This certainly won’t replace your EZDrummer or Superior Drummer licenses, but for beginners or folks just wanting a decent drum machine, this is a fun little freebie. You might not use it in an ultra-technical djent song, but it could be a good bit of fun to implement in some pop or Sound Canvas-inspired songs.

As far as compatibility, Kitton 2 is only available for Windows computers. Supported plugin formats are likewise fairly slim, with only VST being supported at the time of this writing. Mac users will have to look elsewhere, sadly.

Download: Kitton 2


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  1. An impressive lot of sounds for a freebie but hmm, a drum library might be a more apt description..
    dont machines usually have the sequencer built in? :)

  2. It amazes me that developers can put this much time on the actual plugin/soundlibraries, yet can’t spend the few minutes to add proper audio previews for any of their plugins. Even as a free plugin I doubt many are gonna download bunch of gigs of samples without knowing at all how it sounds. The only video I could find on youtube had a full song mix in extremely low quality with bunch of speech on top of it.

    • download is only 72MB, each actual plug is about 18MB (so draw your conclusions about the quality).

      personally, think it sounds fine for sketching out ideas, replacing them later if you feel the need. Reverb seems baked into a lot of the samples but generally not bad.

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