Get More Plugins And Samples With Humble Bundle’s Music Pro 2023 Bundle


Humble Bundle launches the Music Pro 2023 Bundle with new plugins and samples for your studio.

It feels like only yesterday we were covering a monster deal with amazing plugins and sound packs through the good folks at Humble Bundle. Your wallets might not have enough time to rest because they’re back at it again with the Music Pro 2023 collection.

For $25, customers get access to over 50 items in total, with eight W.A. Production plugins ready to enhance your productions. The plugins on offer cover mixing duties, enhancing the plethora of sample packs on offer.

If you’re after dynamics, then Puncher 2, Vocal Compressor, and Vocal Limiter have got your back. This trio of dynamics processors might be just what you need to control the chaos and add a little heft to your mixes.

Vocal Cleaner is a de-esser among other utilities and can help clean up particularly sibilant audio. Vocal Splitter is also available to give those mono vocal takes a little more width and excitement, much like you’d use a doubler.

Multibender is a creative delay effect with many options for giving sounds space and depth.

Combustor combines dynamics processing and saturation, perfect for giving a kick some extra sizzle while crushing it down to a more uniform level. It certainly lends a healthy amount of grit and character to a sound source when in use.

This is rounded out with a healthy helping of sample packs that cover various genres. Genres covered include hip-hop, future pop, EDM, and many others.

If you’re just starting out and looking for some new processors to try on your productions while getting a library of new sounds, this is a great way to add a little variety.

This lacks the instrument plugins seen from the Level Up bundle seen recently, but there is more than enough to serve as a source of inspiration for your next production.

You better act fast before the bundle is available. Potential customers have until the 25th of May to purchase this bundle before it goes away for good. And the great thing about this one, as with all other Humble Bundle offers, is that you can support a charity while getting a great deal.

Supported plugin formats for the included plugins are VST, AU, and AAX. You can use these with Mac or Windows computers.

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More info: Humble Bundle (Limited offer expires May 25th)


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  1. The eight plugins, there are no synths included ?

    Vocal processing: Vocal Cleaner, Vocal Compressor, Vocal Limiter, Vocal Splitter
    Compressors: Puncher 2, Combustor
    Delay: Multibender Echo Chamber
    Distortion: Heat 2

    This deal leaves me wanting more

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