G57FX Is A Free Multi-Effect Plugin


Flandersh Technology releases G57FX, a free multieffect plugin for Windows.

Feels like we were all just here a short time ago. Multi-effect plugins can be a lot of fun and have distinct advantages over using individual plugins for the same purpose. If you’re on the hunt for a new multi-effect plugin, why not consider the free and newly released G57FX from the fine folks at Flandersh Technology?

Although G57FX admittedly looks more like a piece of metering gear rather than an effects processor, it packs a total of five effects processors in the interface. Also present are an additional three analysis modules, which is always a wonderful addition if you’re looking for a little more detail regarding your material.

The five effects present are a filter, EQ, compressor, split compressor, pan/level control, and doubler. This isn’t so much a creative multi-effect, but rather a bundle of mixing utilities just going from the signal flow. These are fairly common mixing processors, although a saturator would always be nice.

The filter and EQ sound fine to my ears, perfectly usable, and fairly quick to dial in. There is mid/side integration so you get a little more functionality over some DAWs and their stock equalizers.

The compressors are perfectly usable as well and benefit from the same mid/side integration. I would have preferred the option for a faster attack speed, but that is just me being spoiled from years of using Pro-C. All in all, it is a handy little package for quick mixing.

The analysis modules are loudness, VU, and spectrum and these provide a little visual feedback on your material. The VU meter seems to be well calibrated and was fairly quick for me to glance and ballpark any adjustments I needed to make on my usual test mix template for plugins like this.

G57FX isn’t reinventing the wheel necessarily but comes with enough useful features to make it worth a look if you’re looking to swap up your workflow.

If you’d like to add G57FX to your arsenal, it is available for Windows computers only. You will need a 64-bit host capable of hosting VST3 plugins as well.

Download: G57FX

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