Solaris GTR Lite Is A FREE Guitar Virtual Instrument


Quiet Music releases Solaris GTR Lite, a freeware guitar virtual instrument (VST, VST3, AU) for Windows and macOS.

Some days I don’t feel like plugging up the old guitar. When this happens, I usually reach for a virtual instrument of some sort. If you don’t have access to a guitar or just want to add a taste of it to your productions, it’s a great choice.

With that in mind, why not consider Quiet Music’s latest release?

Solaris GTR Lite is a free guitar sample library looking to add a little ambiance to your productions.

At its core, the Solaris GTR Lite interface is relatively straightforward. You have the rather attractive semi-hollow that sits in the middle of the interface, which, I guess, serves to remind you of what you’re using.

There is a full complement of effects and controls to manipulate the sounds on offer as well.

Users have access to an ADSR envelope which helps for shaping the overall amplitude and shape of the guitar samples. Also on offer is an LFO, which you can point to a source and add a little motion. This can be further augmented using the mod wheel or other sources.

There are a great many effects on offer, the usual suspects for clean guitar work, as you might expect. Available for use is a chorus, reverb, distortion, and delay.

These all sound great on the sound sources and add a good bit of character to the sounds. Users also have access to panning, tuning, and filtering, as you might expect from any sample library.

As for the sounds themselves, you have six multi-sampled presets. I am by no means a guitar expert, despite the two decades of playing. They sound great, though, and will surely add some character to your productions. The full version has more presets to choose from, as you might expect.

Solaris GTR Lite is available for Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST, VST3, and AU. I have no clue if it is Apple Silicon compatible, but the comments section should have some intrepid users who have tested that for themselves.

At any rate, it is certainly worth a shred of your time to add a little guitar flavor to your music.

Download: Solaris GTR Lite


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  1. Steve Ausin


    Very Nice. Presets are highly usable. Enjoying immensely. Haven’t tried as lead guitar yet, but great for rhythm.

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