ML Sound Lab Releases FREE MIKKO2 Guitar Cabinet Plugin


ML Sound Lab released MIKKO2, its flagship guitar cabinet simulator plugin. The company also offers MIKKO2 Free, the freeware edition of the plugin containing a single guitar cabinet IR.

Impulse responses are the backbone of the modern amp sim and capture rig. If, like many guitarists, you accumulate folder after folder of IRs, then ML Sound Lab might just help back on that.

MIKKO2 is an innovative cabinet sim from ML Sound Lab, capable of variable mic placement and cabinet choices. Selections can be subsequently exported as WAVs to load in your favorite IR loader.

MIKKO2 also has a free component, MIKKO2 Free, that comes with a single cabinet and four microphones. This is fairly slim compared to the full version but is honestly quite a welcome freebie.

MIKKO2 Free comes with a Mesa Oversized 4×12 cabinet, a classic for hard rock, punk, and metal of all sorts. This particular cab pairs astonishingly well with various amp sims, my personal favorites being Ignite from STL Tones and Tonex CS from IK Multimedia.

The four included microphones are fairly classic picks and provide a variety of tone sculpting options. The ability to place the mics wherever you want in relation to the cabinet’s simulated space makes for sculpting around the mix.

Also included is the EQ Balance feature, enabling further refinement of the cabinet’s frequency response. If you’ve used an EQ pedal in your effects loop, think of this in a similar manner. After dialing in your preferred EQ settings, you can readily export an IR with these filters baked in.

MIKKO2 Free makes for a great taster of everything MIKKO2 has to offer. The cabinet and mic choices are classics and well-suited for mid to heavy gain tones.

MIKKO2 Free is available for Windows and macOS machines but will require you to download and install the full MIKKO2 package. For those seeking to purchase MIKKO2, you’re looking at €199.00 for the intro price and VAT for applicable countries.

Supported plugin formats are VST, AU, and AAX. ML Sound Lab hasn’t explicitly stated support for Apple Silicon.

Download: MIKKO2 (1.2 GB download, free version available)


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    Not that bad:-)
    I bought BLEASS Sidekick for 10 bucks, very cool plugin

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