Reverb Artist Series Vol 1 – Intermodal Sample Pack Is Now Free!

1 offers the Reverb Artist Series Vol 1 – Intermodal (€24.42 value) sample pack for free.

Reverb has just dropped the price of their first installment of Artist Series sample packs, and it’s now free to download. To access the download, you only need to create a free account on Reverb if you don’t have one already.

Reverb Artist Series Vol 1 – Intermodal is a 200MB sample pack loaded with bass music production tools, loops, patches, and MIDI clips for smashing the dancefloor.

It has become a trend for companies to let artists condense their signature sound into a fully-packed production suite of samples and tools. The real value of this approach is that you’ll more likely come across a fresh dose of unique sounds, a result of the artist’s specific approach and production ethos.

Mike and Marty McKenna, the producer duo behind the name Intermodal, were raised on Chicago’s south side. Their upbringing got them in touch with the city’s vibrant house music culture and the burgeoning bass music scene. This combination of two distinct musical landscapes gave birth to their remarkable sound.

Intermodal’s artistic approach combines their essential love for low-end funk with the sonorous rhythmic programming and visceral cadence of contemporary underground dance music.

They have recently released music on notable labels such as Toolroom Records, Perfect Driver, and Audiophile XXL.

Intermodal’s Bassline House Vol 1 includes a collection of sounds for producing any style of electronic dance music or for application in a live set scenario.

This pack contains a selection of drum one-shots coming from their Elektron Analog RYTM hardware as well as their sample vault.

It includes percussion top loops, chunky bass lines, crispy synthesized one-shots, wildly modulated FX risers, and fallers that will surely deliver groove in your tracks.

They have also included over 10 NI Massive patches and multiple MIDI sequences for each FX sound, bassline, and synth line so that you can add that sought-after low-end character to any production and customize it further to your needs.

Overall, the pack is neatly organized into various categories and comes with an abundance of bass and drum sounds.

You can get the sample pack for free on the Reverb website. If you like this one, be sure to check out the Reverb Drum Machines Collection, too.

Download: Reverb Artist Series Vol 1 – Intermodal (Free with Reverb account)


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