Get Propane From Lion’s Den Sounds For 50% Off For A Limited time


Lion’s Den Sounds release Propane, a hip-hop sample collection, and offer a 50% off discount for BPB readers.

“Who needs more samples?” I ask myself as I cram yet another 300MB zip file onto my external hard drive.

If you’re a sample and plugin fiend, which I imagine you might be given that you’re reading BPB, then you might delight in an exclusive deal for some solid hip-hop drums.

During June, you can get Propane from Lion’s Den Sounds (or any other product from their shop) for 50% off up until the 19th of June using the coupon code BEDROOM50. This is an exclusive sale for BPB readers, so act quick if you’re looking to add this to your collection.

So, what is Propane?

Propane is a collection of hip-hop samples intended for boom-bap, lo-fi, and any other production work that benefits from deep kicks and snappy snares.

There are over 230 samples present, which cover a wide breadth of drum sounds. You’ll find quite a few one-shots with over 200 drum sounds in total. This is divided into 60 kicks, 40 snares, 20 toms, and much more. Naturally, you’ll find a plethora of hat sounds as well.

Ultimately, there are 20 drum loops in total, which are further divided into stems. There are also FX textures for adding ambiance, grit, or whatever else you think your production might need.

Propane is a solid collection of sounds if you’re after that dusty drum sound. The samples present are filled with texture and grit but benefit from modern production techniques.

I’ve always been searching for that RZA sound you can find on albums like Enter the 36 Chambers. This doesn’t quite stack up, but it is well within the ballpark of the coveted sound of 90s hip-hop. The kicks have a solid presence, which probably would suit other genres outside of hip-hop. The snares are snappy, and the hats can sound like your average sprinkler.

All said, there is some solid material here that might serve as a source of fresh inspiration. As previously mentioned, this sale is only running until the 19th of June, so move quickly if you want to add some more goodies to your sample folder.

Buy: Propane (50% off until June 19th using the code BEDROOM50)


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