Analog Obsession’s FREE Kolin Limiting Amplifier Plugin Is Now Multiband


Analog Obsession’s FREE Kolin vintage limiting amplifier plugin is now multi-band.

Kolin from Analog Obsession is already many people’s preferred choice for the best free limiting amplifier plugin. The vintage-inspired plugin is based on classic hardware like the Collins 26U Vari MU Tube Compressor and Peak Limiter.

The Collins 26U came around in the 1960s, and like many other vintage compressors/limiters, it does something to your sound that some would say you have to hear to understand. You’ll still find a Collins 26U in many professional studios today.

Luckily for us, we have people like Analog Obsession who can bring us an authentic sound of nostalgia for free.

If you haven’t tried Kolin or heard any demos, you should go check it out now; like all things Analog Obsession, it’s pretty awesome.

It sounds especially fantastic on drums! Everything seems instantly tighter and crisper, and it punches much harder without becoming overwhelming (as long as you don’t force it).

However, it is obviously not just about the drums -Kolin has much to offer vocals, guitars, and many other instruments. I know that users of the original Collins 26U were fond of its impact on horn sections, and that’s something I’d love to play around with using Kolin.

Of course, Kolin has been around for a while, and before I go on any more about how good it is, I should get back to the main update: it is now multi-band!

Analog Obsession describes KolinMB as the most colorful multi-band compressor, and who are we to argue?

KolinMB has three bands, each with its own Mix knob to blend the dry and wet signal. The plugin offers attack times of 1ms to 50ms, with release times of 0.1 to 3 seconds.

Each band also benefits from external sidechain functionality, 40dB gain compensated input control, and +/- 20dB output control.

The Master section provides master Input, Output, and Mix knobs.

KolinMB offers bypass per band or the entire plugin and 4X oversampling.

The interface looks and feels great: it’s resizable from 50% to 200% and even features touchscreen support.

In summary, KolinMB looks like another solid addition to the stellar Analog Obsession collection.

Another recent plugin inspired by vintage gear is the Bucket One Crumar BIT 01/99 synth emulation, and it’s as 80s as it gets. Check it out if you have any montage scenes you need to soundtrack!

KolinMB is available in AU, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.11 – 13.X) and Windows (10-11).

Download:  KolinMB (Free)


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  1. VST3 instantly crashes Reaper on my system. Mac Os Catalina intel. AU works fine. Just wanted to signal the problem.

  2. I really wish they focused on fixing what’s already made. Unlike some kind of a hoarder, I pick the plugins that I actually use all the time and it’s a pretty tight collection. And I really like AO’s OAQ EQ, it suits my needs and my workflow very well but every time I load it – I am risking to crash my project. Like I said, if you use it like once a year – you won’t notice, but if that’s one of your main tools – crashes happen at a rate that’s much less fun.

    • I understand the will to centralize ways of communication, but I wish there were an easier way to communicate with Tunca than having a Patreon account. Well, he’s on Instagram too, if that helps.
      Send nud…logs. I meant logs, crash logs.

  3. Bonjour,
    de manière générale avec les plugin de Analog Obsession la charge CPU est parfois élevée, c’est ce qui provoque parfois chez moi des bugs de lecture à répétition sur CUBASE sur certains projets un peu chargé en pistes et en effets. De fait, j’évite l’oversampling…sauf en mastering où la charge CPU est beaucoup plus légère, là je me le permet.

    Pour Kolin MB en particulier je ne connais pas sa charge CPU…je l’ai testé en parallèle en mastering, avec beaucoup de plaisir, il réveille la batterie, la rend bien vivante et naturellement chaude sans que cela ne nuise au reste du morceau. C’est un des tout meilleurs multibandes, il ne souffre pas de la comparaison avec le C4 de Waves ou de l’Acon multibandes qui est pourtant très performant. Aucun bug à signaler, j’ai allumé l’oversampling, tout fonctionne nickel

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