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Strezov Sampling releases Minimalist String Section, a free Kontakt library featuring legato violin samples.

Finding good quality orchestral samples for free is quite a trial. You can usually find the more standard articulations, but things like the Minimalist String Section sample library from Strezov Sampling are going to be rare.

Strezov is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Afflatus String Collection by releasing the free Minimalist Violins Legato freebie.

This particular sample library features a chamber string ensemble playing true legato. The articulation itself is flautando with poco vibrato and has a beautiful sound suited for a variety of productions.

The interface is clear to read, featuring a trio of mic selections. You have access to a close, decca, and hall mic, which can be further blended, muted, or soloed. Each of these mics has its own tonal characteristics that lend unique color depending on the selection.

You also have access to a mixer, where you can blend in stringed instruments to your liking. Selections include basses, celli, violas, and violins. Further control is available over the patch in specifying the voicing of the patch.

There is even divisi, which isn’t seen regularly with free libraries, definitely more of a premium feature for strings.

Minimalist Strings lends itself well to genres like classical, film scoring, and more organic electronic styles. You could very easily use this as a haunting lead voice over a contemporary orchestral composition.

Given the great sound quality of the samples, I could definitely see this getting a fair bit of use. All that’s missing really is a horn section of this level of quality readily available for free.

Minimalist String Section is free for all users and requires no purchase to access. It joins a small collection of Kontakt Player freebies, meaning you don’t need the full version to use it.

To run the Minimalist String Section, you’ll need Kontakt or Kontakt Player, with version 7.0.11 or higher being the only real requirement.

Kontakt and Kontakt Player both run on Windows and Mac computers. Supported plugin formats are VST3, AU, and AAX. It is a universal binary, so anyone with a recent Mac can run it.

Download: Minimalist Violins Legato (Free for all users at Strezov Sampling)


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  1. There’s free update for BBCSO Discover, which they having a free Steinway D piano

    it’s so pristine but only have 1 round robin and 1 velocity layer

  2. This strings plugin sounds great, but sadly I can’t use it because I work on linux, and Kontakt 7 doesn’t get along with linux…

  3. in your screenshot you had cellos and basses but mine doesn’t have them and starts at g3 useless to me really but thanks anyway

  4. It’s only for kontakt 7, right? I can’t make it work on 6.7.1 and I don’t want to update yet because it’s like updating adobe acrobat reader, there are no benefits at all you can notice after updating this program.

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