Diginoiz Hattricks Update Is FREE For Current Owners And 50% Off For New Users


Diginoiz updates Hattricks, a versatile tool for sequencing fast hi-hat patterns for use in Trap and other music genres. The update is free for existing customers and 50% for new users.

Hattricks is an innovative, effective, and highly optimized tool for creating fast hi-hat patterns popularized by Trap.

This recognizable hi-hat technique is heard in thousands of songs in various genres these days. Using a specialized tool that was tailor-made for creating hi-hat sequences can tremendously accelerate your production workflow.

Hattricks is technically a sampler and a sequencer combo with rhythm divisions assigned to keys.

In practice, you just press a key, and it plays a pre-programmed looped rhythm division. For example, when you press D3, it plays 1/4 notes, E3 plays 1/8 notes, and so on, up to 1/128 rolls, and obviously including triplets.

Such functionality allows you to record unplayable hi-hat parts in real-time or program them with just a few clicks and not a hundred, making it a huge time saver.

Hattricks comes with an extensive library of hi-hat samples suitable for various genres and an option to load your own sounds into it. It’s also possible to customize the sounds, adding further interest to the hi-hat sequence.

You can modify the envelope and pitch or apply low-pass and high-pass filters to the samples. In addition to divisions, Hattricks has a selection of articulations and enables real-time repitching of the sounds using a keyboard or the mod wheel.

This real-time modulation lets you easily create unique hi-hat patterns without manually setting up automation lanes in your favorite DAW.

The latest Hattricks update includes user-requested features and several other improvements implemented by Diginoiz.

Some of the new features are:

  • Apple Silicon M1 support;
  • MIDI record drag and drop (rhythmic patterns created with Hattricks can be exported out of Hattricks in the form of MIDI files without any routing and used to launch other plugins);
  • ‘User’ category allowing to browse external folders and samples inside Hattrick’s browser and opening samples’ source folders directly from Hattrick’s browser;
  • ‘Favorite’ category enabling to pick and mark favorite samples from the factory bank and the user’s own samples;
  • Support for MP3, AIFF, FLAC, and OGG audio files;
  • Dark mode;
  • Improved waveform zoom accuracy and handling;
  • Pitch bend range increased to +/- 24 semitones.

It also includes 120 new samples.

New users can get Hattricks 1.5 with a 50% discount until July 31st. Existing customers can update Hattricks to the latest version for free.

Hattricks is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

More info: Hattricks

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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Richard Cooper


    I’m so upset they didn’t incorporate my suggestion of an alternative sample that can choke the others with or without being affected by the sequencer part. As an example, an open hat sound that can break up the closed rolling hats. I really like this plugin otherwise.

    • Great deal,but too many things covered by Komplete 14,like Play Box,Ozone10,REPLIKA XT.If you owned it,you will be disappointed.

      • I know as I own all of it but a cool stat and better “Beats By Girlz,” than “new Western weapons for …”!!!

          • actually i thought to ignore this comment, because i think it is advertisment. but now some people already reacted to it…

            is this dirk from plugin alliance?

            if so: i find it a bit sneaky to promote things in this way. at least make it clear and transparent, maybe with your full name, or bx_dirk or something and give a clue that you are not a regular reader of the blog.

            and also: in general it is a bit shabby to go this route of having official resale prices of 300$ for plugins but then having sales for 30$ all the time.
            a business model of this kind makes me feel not taken serious as a customer.

            i really like a lot of plugin alliance plugins that i bought, but i hope you also think about the things i am critisizing here.

            if you are some other dirk, then just forget what i wrote…

          • maximilian heinrich


            and please: make aax plugins finally m1 compatible where it is still missing.
            rather work on that instead of new plugins or marketing strategies or anything else…

        • What a nonsensical comment, Dirk. You want to support women to become music producers instead of helping them literally survive to even be able to become music producers.

          I’m all for bringing more women into music production, but I find it a tad more important to help them have food, shelter, and their life not endangered.

          Why even start a political discourse on a producer blog?

  2. Sorry. I DON’T work for any of these companies. I live in Berlin and i am unemployed and old. I like some of the NI software (since Por52/53) and the bx plugs remind me of my times as concert-mixer. And I will continue to post if I like something and think it’s useful.

    • as i said, dont misunderstand or feel offended. it just made the impression and it was not completely unlikely, but just forget it then.

  3. Hi guys!

    Melda production’s dynamic eq is currently free for limited time. Minimal audio’s rift feedback lite is free for limited time too. Also there is a pay-what-you-want plugin called diffuse. Its an fx unit, it has delay, reverse, reverb, freeze, filter, modulation, tremolo, octave and shimmer.

    Hope this helps. Regards.

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