Get A FREE Impulse Response Pack From OwnHammer


OwnHammer offers the Rock-Box-H30L-2011A impulse response pack as a FREE download for a limited time.

Ah, free guitar stuff is my absolute favorite. After I’ve spent all my money on lord knows how many dual humbucker guitars, there is at least the occasional guitar freebie to act as a salve upon my self-inflicted wounds.

This is a good one, too, because it’s not every day you get some free swag from OwnHammer.

That’s right, my fine readers; you get access to 35 IRs from OwnHammer in the Rock-Box-H30L-2011A pack.

These are based upon personal equipment owned by Peter Stroud, who formerly played guitar for Sheryl Crow.

These are great IRs, and I had a lot of fun just feeding these into various amp sims and my own personal HX Stomp to see how they responded to various setups. They shine as low to mid-gain. There is a smoothness to the top end while still maintaining a biting mid-range where necessary.

Now, you’re thankfully in the right place if you’re after some additional guitar software to help bring these IRs to life. There are a variety of amp sims, like NAM that really pair well. I personally found these to be best with the classic cab pack and either a Marshall or Fender capture.

You could add a drive to taste, but I usually just prefer to let the capture do the talking and roll up my guitar’s volume knob as needed. If you do need a free drive pedal sim, my favorite is the Centaur from Nembrini. I’m sure other users can chime in with their favorite.

Now, Rock-Box is available for free for a limited time. My fellow guitar players of all skill levels could probably benefit from adding these to their steadily growing folders of IRs.

These are platform agnostic, so you can readily use these with a variety of guitar products. OwnHammer provides IRs in 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96kHz, which should be compatible with most hardware modelers.

With software amp sims, you can pretty much use whatever matches the sample rate of your host session.

If you have a preferred amp sim and need a solid IR loader, these will work quite well NadIR. Don’t pass this up, even you folks that play 9-string monstrosities in bass tunings.

Download: Rock-Box-H30L-2011A (Free for a limited time)


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      • I highly recommend using an email forwarding (alias) service, like the open source AnonAddy or SimpleLogin. Both have free tiers with some limitations.
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  1. IK Multimedia Mixbox SE is free with the new issue of Beat Magazine that will be published next week (no 212). I wonder how limited the Special Edition is compared to regular edition ?

    • The regular version of MixBox packs over 70, the Special Edition got 24 (hopefully none of them are cut down versions compared to the regular edition)

    • I’ve got MixBox (full version) last month from BlackOctopus for $29.99. That was a great deal! Included even the Sunset Sound Reverb Collection. AFAIK the SE editions from IKMultimedia are not stripped versions, but the manager installs all of them and unlocks only the ones from SE. Fortunately for you, there’s only one VST called MixBox, not multiple VSTs like in T-Racks. You’ll get MixBox.vst, and inside you’ll have the presets and all the “stripped versions (simplified versions) of T-Racks plugins” but the same ones that comes in MixBox full version. I’m super glad I’ve got it.

    • this are the 24:
      British Tube Lead
      Flexi Amp
      SVT Classic
      Channel Strip
      Digital Delay
      British Dynamics
      White 2A
      Parametric EQ
      Env Filter
      Filter Phaser
      Wah 47
      Electric Flanger
      Digital Reverb
      Plate Reverb

      • Thanks! I managed to figure out that there is a free CS edition, that has 8, actually many of which are the most usuable to me:

        Channel Strip
        Flexi Amp
        Digital Delay
        Digital Reverb
        Filter Phaser

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