99Sounds Release FREE Water Sounds Loop Library


99Sounds released Water Sounds, a free collection of looped wave sounds, beach sounds, water flow sounds, and stream sounds in WAV format.

Water Sounds is a royalty-free collection of water audio recordings by Régis Royer. He captured high-quality recordings of ocean waves, water streams, and other water sounds in various locations during a trip around Iceland.

Régis turned these audio recordings into seamless water loops that are now available for free download via 99Sounds. You can use these free water sounds for music production and video projects, but they also work great as sounds for sleep and relaxation.

The sounds are perfectly looped, so you can load them into your favorite audio player and keep them running in the background while working or getting ready to sleep.

I love playing beach wave sounds in the background while writing articles. It helps me concentrate and focus on writing, especially when I’m working in a noisy environment.

Of course, these sounds can also be used for music production and sound design. For example, you can use them for song intros and outros or do something more creative, like layering your pads with the sounds of crashing waves.

All included files have descriptive filenames, so it’s easy to find exactly the type of sound you need. Régis Royer also included detailed metadata.

Virtual instruments like Vital let you use custom oscillator waveforms, and you can definitely experiment with using these water sounds as a custom noise source.

Play the demo video below to preview the Water Sounds library.

As most BPB readers already know, 99Sounds is a free sound design label that I launched in 2014. I was working on a redesign to make the website cleaner and faster. The new design is now live, so you can check it out when you go download your free copy of Water Sounds.

More 99Sounds releases are coming soon, including some free sound libraries for music production. I’m also recording some new rain and thunderstorm sounds that will be released soon.

Stay tuned for more 99Sounds freebies, and download the previous releases if you haven’t done so already. They’re all 100% royalty-free.

Water Sounds includes 45 water loops in 24-bit WAV format (48 kHz stereo). The download size is 738 MB (ZIP archive).

Download: Water Sounds


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