Layer Engine is a Free Granular Engine Plugin for Windows and Linux


Independent audio developer Eoin O’Dowd has just released a free/donationware plugin called Layer Engine, and it’s available for Windows 10/11 and Linux.

It’s still in development, so the developer suggests following his Gumroad page to be aware of future updates.

Anyway, Layer Engine already looks and sounds like a very powerful instrument!

It features two independent sample loop players, two granular engines, and two digital oscillators to blend classic waveforms underneath your samples for additional layering options.

A remarkable feature is its ability to drag and drop your samples into the interface so that you can take advantage of the engine’s parametric EQ, spectrum analyzer, and AHDSR amplitude enveloper available per single Layer.

It seems that the main intended application for Layer Engine is to craft beautiful, evolving, and organic pads and soundscapes by layering sounds for rich results, granularizing them, and even adding a touch of reverberation if desired.

Truly, the background of the mountains on the GUI evokes chill, calming, and ambient vibes. That, of course, doesn’t stop you from experimenting and exploit the vast array of options at your disposal to suit your creative endeavors.

The whole idea of blending various sample sources and modifying them with an easy-to-use granular engine is great.

If you feel like your samples lack some weight or sizzle, you can blend in a low-octave triangle wave and a high-pitched saw wave, respectively.

Each of the two granular engines features identical controls over the Grain Size, Density, and Spread for the grains and an interactive waveform display for visualizing the sample playback and selecting custom loop regions.

You can also customize the velocity mapping via its Velocity Table graphics by dragging points around to craft even more expressive patches out of Layer Engine.

By creatively reversing some sources, randomizing the samples’ start playback, and creating different envelope curves for each layer, it’s really quick and easy to generate amazing pads and evolutive, intricate sounds.

The controls on the interface inevitably attract you to create swirling, interactive textures that fade in over time, thanks to parameters like Phase Offset, Fade In, Smooothing (yes, three ‘o’ to get really smooth 😉), Detune, and more.

Having a dedicated parametric EQ per layer is another great feature too, since you can use it as a filtering option to sculpt each layer at will.

Layer Engine is available on Gumroad as a free, pay-what-you-want option, with no minimum pricing.

And, as always, if you enjoy the software and the developer’s work, consider supporting him.

Download: Layer Engine (FREE or pay what you want)


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  1. Leems for Win and OSX by Puremagnetik is free this week.

    Inspired by 1980s audio chips and lofi glitch sounds, like the Commodore 64’s SID chip, Leems’ sound engine has three switchable saw, triangle, noise and “mixed” voices — the former two can be “wave modded” against each other. Combine this with a variable bit-crusher and an algorithmic reverb and Leems comes to life as a versatile machine for lush, modulating soundscapes, sample folded blips, powerful leads and more.

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