iZotope Nectar Elements Plugin Is FREE At Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the Nectar Elements ($129 list price) vocal processing plugin by iZotope as a free download for a limited time.

Nectar Elements is a streamlined tool for correcting your vocal’s pitch, dynamics, frequency response, and general quality. Its workflow is mostly automated, taking advantage of iZotope’s unique Vocal Assistant feature.

I always found mixing vocals one of the hardest elements of mixing. A lot of it depends on the quality of the vocal performance, of course, but you still have to perform some magic most of the time to make the vocal sit in the mix.

That’s where tools like Nectar Elements come in, helping you make the correct mixing decisions more quickly while relying on the power of AI.

Vocal Assistant basically analyzes your vocal track and provides suggestions on how to EQ, compress, and de-ess it. All of this is done in the context of your mix, and the idea is to process the vocal to blend in with the other instruments.

The interface is extremely simple and intuitive. Each vocal processing tool is represented by a single slider. Adjust the slider values to increase or decrease the processing intensity.

As with all AI music software, the results aren’t always perfect, but Nectar Elements lets you fine-tune the suggested parameter settings until you’re happy with how the mix sounds.

Check out the video below for a quick intro to Nectar Elements and its features.

I find tools like Nectar Elements useful, especially when working on the go and outside of the studio. It helps me get a solid starting point for mixing the vocal. I can then correct it and further improve the balance if needed.

Nectar Elements typically costs $129, but you can currently download it for free via Plugin Boutique. Visit the product page linked below and complete the free checkout to add Nectar Elements to your account for free.

Get the deal: Nectar Elements


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. also wanted to let Mac users know that the latest version of this software requires Catalina 10.15 or higher..it will crash on Mojave 10.14

  2. Got the latest newsletter from Beat Magazine this afternoon, which has a freebie: THE DRUM BUNDLE 2023, which includes “Ultimate Drums” for Zampler and MPC, and Beat DrumBox Plugin for Win and OSX
    These have been given away with Beat Magazines cover discs earlier, so not new, but could of interest for those that do not subscribe to the magazine.

  3. It’s also available as a free download at Izotope web site and that may be the better option for those who, like me ,don’t want to use product portals. Other than that, I don’t really know why I actually got this one.

  4. Ohmforce Legacy plugins are now free.

    Ohmboyz, Hematohm, Predatohm, Quad Frohmage, Ohmicide, Ohmygod, and Symptohm synth.

    A great collection of plugins that are decades old but still very high quality. Get ’em if you don’t already have ’em!

    (Note: My original comment disappeared, likely because I posted an external link. Check the plugin page on Ohmforce’s site to get the plugs.)

  5. ViatorDsp has a new LoFi plugin free/pwyw on their Gumroad page called Rust. There’s the usual Hiss and Noise but the Age Knob is cool and filters and distorts the signal like an old time radio/record player

  6. Thanks Tomislav for providing us all with some great information every week :-) For those who’ve not already noticed, Plugin Boutique are currently offering iZotope Neutron 4 Elements as one of their two ‘freebies’ until the 31 August. I already have Neutron Elements 3 but the big thing for me is that v4 is now compatible with Audio Lens – iZotope’s standalone referencing app. I took a copy of this great looking app some time ago in a previous promotion but was then immediately frustrated to note it wasn’t compatible with my version of Neutron :-( but now … :-) May be patience is a virtue after all!


    Thanks Tomislav for continuing to provide us all with great information every week! For those not already aware, Plugin Boutique is currently offering iZotope’s Neutron 4 Elements as one of their ‘freebies’ until 31 August. I already have version 3 but the big thing for me with v4 is that it is now compatible with Audio Lens – iZotope’s standalone referencing app. I managed to snag Audio Lens some time ago in a previous promo, but was immediately disappointed to find that it wasn’t compatible with my copy of Neutron :-( But now … :-)
    So maybe patience is a virtue after all?

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