99Sounds Releases FREE City Sounds Library (WAV)


99Sounds released City Sounds, a free collection of city audio recordings created by Marcel of Free To Use Sounds.

City Sounds contains 42 city sound recordings. Inside the collection, you’ll find city ambiance, street noises, cars, busses, trains, sirens, horns, crowds, church bells, rain, and many other city sound effects.

These are perfect for movies and video games, but you can also use them for music production and sound design. City ambiance can provide a nice noise layer for genres like lo-fi hip hop, ambient, or soundscape music.

You can layer these sounds on top of pads and synths for a unique texture effect. I often use audio layers with street noises and city atmosphere for a subtle nostalgic effect in music.

All sounds are provided in 24-bit WAV format (48 kHz, stereo). The library contains metadata and descriptive filenames to help you find the sounds you are looking for.

Marcel of Free To Use Sounds collaborated with 99Sounds in the past on projects like World Sounds, Underground Sounds, and Electricity Sounds.

His personal project Free To Use Sounds is one of the best sources of field recordings and sound effects. It’s also incredibly cheap. You can get the All In One Bundle for as low as $25 (+VAT) with coupon code ILOVESOUNDS.

The bundle contains over 10,000 individual recordings, and chances are it includes virtually any type of sound effect you’ll ever need.

City Sounds is a much smaller library, and it’s focused on city noises. But you’ll still find a variety of sounds inside, and I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

Download: City Sounds


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  1. regarding the big bundle.. 2TB wow.. can you just download individual files, or country packs, at any one time.. it’s not a 2tb download to access any of it is it?

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