Wide Blue Sound Offers FREE Audio Plugin Uninstaller For macOS


I doubt I’ve ever covered anything here with a name that more accurately and succinctly describes the software’s primary function than Audio Plugin Uninstaller by Wide Blue Sound.

We typically talk about effects, sounds, instruments, and more creative aspects of music, so I understand if uninstalling plugins doesn’t generate the same excitement. But I also understand that the installation process and requirements for some plugins can be a source of irritation for many people.

Some of the most common complaints we hear about developers and plugins are rooted in what many users believe to be overly intrusive installers or download managers.

Download managers alone provide multiple complaints, ranging from reducing a user’s system to a very slow crawl to just being straight-up janky (for lack of a better word), with very few users having the same experience.

However, even when the installation process is easy, many are still left asking things like, why do I have to install several gigabytes of stuff just to use this tiny plugin? (somewhat harsh example, I know).

Hard disk space is valuable, and beyond that, we have the ever-touchy topic of data collection.

So, even if an installation is relatively small, most people don’t like the idea of anything sneaking around in the background when all they want to do is finish their Tom Jones/Ice Cube mash-up track.

Any combination of those mentioned above and other issues I’ve missed can be enough to put someone off even trying a plugin, which is a shame.

While we can’t promise things will become less intrusive, Audio Plugin Uninstaller can provide some peace of mind for Mac users by ensuring that nothing is left behind when you uninstall a plugin.

It does so by reading the installation receipts and reversing the process but never deletes anything required by plugins that are still in use.

It provides sensible and straightforward plugin management as well as peace of mind from any of the more unsavory issues of leftover files. Audio Plugin Uninstaller makes it easy to manage hard disk space, remove troublesome/conflicting plugins, tidy your plugin list, and find folders quickly.

If Audio Plugin Uninstaller could be the difference between trying a plugin/demo/freebie or passing, it’s worth checking out – it works with all formats.

As it’s around the middle of the month, it’s a good time to drop a reminder for Plugin Boutique’s August Gift freebie; the offer expires on August 31st, so get it while it’s there.

macOS users can download Audio Plugin Uninstaller from Wide Blue Sound for free (previously $10).

Download: Audio Plugin Uninstaller (FREE)


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