Full Bucket Music Releases Free Ny Polyphonic Ensemble


Full Bucket Music released Ny, a freeware VST plugin emulating the KORG Lambda ES-50 Polyphonic Ensemble.

Ny is yet another impressive hardware-inspired virtual instrument from Full Bucket Music.

The developer has already turned numerous Korg instruments into highly convincing software emulations. The list includes classics like the Mono/Poly and some more obscure instruments like the PE-2000 Poly-Ensemble S.

Ny falls closer to the latter category. It simulates the KORG Lambda ES-50 Polyphonic Ensemble – not one of Korg’s iconic hardware instruments, but definitely an inspiring piece of music history.

String machines and polyphonic ensembles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The synthesis range is very limited, focusing mostly on organ, brass, and string timbres, with some rudimentary effects for added modulation and depth.

Even so, these instruments can sound quite lovely when used in the right context. Yes, most preset sounds are often cheesy, but it’s also possible to get some wonderfully lush and warm tones from these pieces of musical history.

I love layering string machines and percussive organ sounds over my pads and electronic basslines. It’s often a very subtle layer, but it adds depth and dimension to the overall sound.

Ny is perfect for this type of layering. The instrument has the Percussive and Ensemble sections, which can be turned on or off. Each section lets you choose between several timbres, with adjustable volumes for each source.

Depending on the section, you can also fine-tune several other parameters like tremolo and decay. For example, the Ensemble section has adjustable Attack and Release parameters, whereas you can only adjust the Decay for the Percussive portion of the sound.

The bottom of the interface is where you’ll find the effects and modulation. There aren’t many options to choose from, as you’d expect from a plugin based on a 1970s synth. There are Chorus and Vibrato effects and a separate section for adjusting the MIDI modulation options.

Overall, I like Ny’s simplicity. Getting that signature 1970s string machine sound and its variations is easy. The sound is quite convincing, too, and I felt like I didn’t need to include any other effects, apart from a reverb, to make Ny sit well in a synthwave mix.

Ny is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts on Windows and macOS. Multiple plugin formats are available, including VST2, VST3, CLAP, and AU.

So there you go – another Full Bucket Music instrument to add to the bucket. What’s your favorite FBM plugin? My vote easily goes to the Fury-800 (I love both the quirky hardware synthesizer and its software counterpart).

Download: Ny


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  1. Me too!!! Fury-800 – I don’t rember the first time I listend to KRAFTRAUM, they used fb vst’s or they mentioned it.
    ModulAir is a nice one too!!

  2. Konstantin Kobaltov


    Soonth Blocks (some free fun modular thing :)
    is updated.
    Last time mentioned here on BRB – September 1, 2021

    • Thanks, that is an interesting synth to check out :-)
      Users should note that it is only available in CLAP and FL Studio format

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