Platone Studio Offers FREE Flex Reverb, Delay Eleven, And DJ Filter Plugins


Platone Studio has released a trio of free plugins in the form of Flex Reverb, Delay Eleven, and DJ Filter.

While the market is bloated with reverb and delay effects, it can be refreshing to try new plugins. This is especially true if they are free and well-designed.

Platone Studio just released three freeware plugins that fall into the good-looking category. All three share a common ethos of being simple-to-use tools with a modern-looking GUI.

I love getting lost in sound design exploration as much as being productive when producing music.

These plugins sit in the latter scenario since their minimalistic interfaces guide you to get the job done quickly and effectively.

You can read our guides for a full list of the best free reverb, delay, and filter plugins.

Flex Reverb

Flex Reverb is a high-quality, clean-sounding algorithmic plate reverb with a handy graphic EQ.

It offers the classic controls of PreDelay, Size, Width, and Damp, plus a dedicated filtering section to easily shape the reverb sound.

The last feature is perhaps the coolest since most reverb plugins lack filtering options, so you typically have to use them with an external EQ.

This option, though, is a great time-saver, enabling you to introduce the right amount of reverb in your mix without muddying or cluttering it.

Another clever and well-thought feature is the presence of independent Dry and Wet controls, giving you the flexibility to use the plugin in parallel configuration without needing to set up an auxiliary channel.

Delay Eleven

Let’s turn our attention to Delay Eleven. It is a simple delay plugin with a useful saturation section to spice up your audio with some coloration.

It features classic Time, Feedback, and Width controls with the option to synchronize the delay time with the host tempo and set it in triplet or dotted note timings. Bright and Dark are interesting one-knob effects to quickly color your delay effects.

The Balance knob is a handy control, too, since it adjusts panning within the plugin itself, enabling you to shape the stereo panorama of the effect.

DJ Filter

Finally, let’s talk briefly about the free DJ Filter plugin. The name itself suggests what the plugin aims to do, so its functionality isn’t surprising.

Indeed, it’s a simple one-knob LP/HP filter with controls over the Q and Wide to shape the sweeping behavior. It can be a great ally if you want to easily create classic DJ-style transitions within your music.

All three plugins are compatible with Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and above, macOS 10.9 and above, with VST, VST3, and AU as available formats.

Download: Flex Reverb, Delay Eleven, DJ Filter (FREE)


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    • Easy download and installation, the zip folders contain dll both in vst2 and vst3 format, so it is just to drop into the vst folder

      For those that need more power, the big brother of Delay 11 is Delay 44, but that costs money.

  1. FL Studio 21.1 has just been released, for those with Producer edition and above, it comes with a new Hyper Chorus plugin (an extreme chorus effect with three real time X/Y modulators).

  2. I like the reverb. Dammit! I have a fresh Windows 10 install and thought I was finished with installing plugins when I installed about a third of plugs I’d had on Windows 7. And now this… :)

  3. Michal Ochedowski


    Straight download from the website with no personal data required. Zip files with VST2 and VST3 ready to be copied. Superb and straightforward developer. Very impressive.

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