Antares Mutator Is FREE With Auto-Tune Unlimited Trial


Antares offers the Mutator vocal character design plugin as a free add-on with the Auto-Tune Unlimited trial.

Auto-Tune Unlimited provides the entire collection of Auto-Tune plugins (22 plugins) and vocal effects and comes with two months of Splice Creator for free.

If you aren’t ready to commit fully (and have already tried the free autotune plugins), a trial of Auto-Tune Unlimited/Producer will earn you a perpetual license for the Mutator plugin ($79 value).

Mutator is a vocal character design plugin that allows you to create all kinds of otherworldly vocal tones, from monsters to Martians and everything in between.

The plugin features 24 varieties of ring-mod mutation, high-quality pitch-shift effects, and a tempo-synced alienize function for when you want that Martian sound.

Of course, it’s not just about generating character voices; the sound design element of Mutator allows you to think of the voice as more of a multi-purpose instrument rather than purely lead or harmonies.

As the name suggests, the plugin mutates the voice into something very different, with endless possibilities.

Auto-Tune, these days, is much more than industry-standard vocal correction; it’s a fully-fledged creative resource.

Pitch correction sounds like a process that you’d want to be as unintrusive and transparent as possible, and that’s a fair assumption. However, many producers push pitch correction to its limits, making it as conspicuous as possible and turning it into a defining characteristic of their sound.

That’s a simplistic overview, but it brings us to the question that every one of us has asked ourselves – how can we sound like T-Pain, make millions of dollars, and blow it all on cars and diamond-encrusted chains?

The answer is Auto-Tune.*

*Individual results may vary; the use of Auto-Tune does not guarantee any amount of money, cars, or diamonds.

Joking aside, whether the T-Pain sound is your thing or not, Auto-Tune Unlimited has everything you need to deliver pristine or beautifully mangled vocals.

An Auto-Tune Unlimited subscription costs £24.99 per month (cheaper when paid annually), and if you’re still undecided, there’s no better time to take a trial than when you can pick up a freebie.

A trial of the cheaper Auto-Tune Producer (£13.99) will also earn you a free Mutator license.

To start your trial, you must provide a valid payment method, and you’ll have fourteen days to cancel before you are charged for your first month.

Don’t forget that you can get UJAM Usynth CORE free with a Loopcloud subscription – the offer ends on the 1st of October, 2023.

Check out the deal: Antares Auto-Tune Trial (Get a free, perpetual license of Mutator with a trial or monthly subscription to Auto-Tune Unlimited or Auto-Tune Producer)


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