Davisynth Audio Offers FREE Spiral Delay Plugin


Davisynth Audio has released Spiral Delay, a creative delay effect for macOS and Windows, and you can download it for free now.

Spiral Delay offers all the functionality of a typical modern delay plugin, including a bandpass filter and advanced tempo matching. The advanced tempo matching includes dotted notes and triplets.

But Davisynth Audio goes a little further by taking a creative approach to the average ping-pong delay. If you think about a typical ping-pong delay, it’s an effect that provides a reasonably broad creative scope.

You have the ability to create short and subtle panning, longer delays that function as a sort of ostinato with lots of movement, stunning ambient soundscapes, and more.

We can also run wild with it and create something verging on chaotic. Depending on what you feed into the delay, even more chaotic settings can produce beautifully textured swells or a more intense wall of sound.

Spiral Delay takes the idea of echoes panning back and forth, hard-left and hard-right, and adds intermediate panning steps.

It has the potential to offer even more variation to everything mentioned above.

Another interesting feature of this plugin is the graphic representation of various parameters. The real-time visual feedback makes for more intuitive tweaking.

The interface is otherwise straightforward by design, and that works well.

Spiral Delay is the first free plugin released with the Davisynth Audio branding, and hopefully, a sign of more to come.

Some of the best effects are often the most simple, and I like it when a developer takes a slightly different approach without losing that simplicity.

It’s especially nice to see from newer developers because it’s easy to fall into the trap of over-complicating things for the sake of being different.

We’ve recently had a few free delay plugins, and Spiral Delay is a nice addition. Another free delay plugin that you should definitely check out if you haven’t already is Variety of Sound’s NastyDLA mkIII.

Spiral Delay is available in 64-bit AU and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Spiral Delay (FREE)


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