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Function Loops offers the Vocal Pop Stories sample pack as a free download.

I will be the first to admit I don’t listen to much modern pop. What I have heard of the inspiration for this pack makes for an intriguing addition to any production, however.

Vocal Pop Stories is a free sample collection inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish. You’ve got access to melodic content, whole construction kits, and those half-whispered vocals with a decidedly sinister bent.

The sounds on tap here bear quite a diverse set of influences. You can hear the tinges of R&B, hip-hop, and more left-field electronica. It also features big grinding Reese samples, which I greatly appreciate as a jungle music fan.

The piano loops are a favorite, full of rich resonance and a bold attack. The bass loops are right at home with heavier productions, with even funkier electric bass lines having a grinding quality.

Synth loops are almost ethereal by design, an interesting counterpoint to the pack’s bolder and more aggressive sounds. You’ve got five construction packs to pilfer through in addition to the rest of the loops.

It even features material in the most sinister of keys, E major, so you’re in for a treat. Much like every other sample pack in my swelling external hard drives, I might not find full use for Vocal Pop Stories in most of my work.

However, it is always a delight to have full vocal loops, especially with a talented singer on board.

I’m not the biggest fan of dealing with external musicians when writing my own stuff, so it’s like I get the best of a vocalist without timezone differences and their own personal decisions.

Vocal Pop Stories is free to download straight from the Function Loops website.

You’ll need a valid email address, which is to be expected of most freebies, unfortunately. If you’ve got privacy concerns, you’ll likely benefit from having an alternative email for this sort of thing.

All files are provided in a platform-agnostic package. You’ve got WAV and MIDI files, which most DAWs on any platform will load.

Download: Vocal Pop Stories (FREE)


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