Sound Magic Offers Cadenza Ukulele FREE For A Limited Time


Sound Magic is the developer behind Neo Orchestra CE, a fantastic orchestral collection with some incredible sounds and clever features. And now, Sound Magic offers Cadenza Ukulele FREE for a limited time.

Fans of orchestral collections will know they rarely come cheap, so before I get into the freebie, I should mention that the flagship Neo Orchestra CE is available at a 70% discount right now, bringing the price down from $499 to $149.

If you don’t need an entire orchestra, you can grab Cadenza Solo Strings (Cadenza Cello/Viola/Violin) for $49.

Discounts across the Sound Magic website include collections, solo instruments, and effects.

Of course, the one thing better than paying less is paying nothing, which brings us to Cadenza Ukulele.

Cadenza Ukulele is available to download for free for a limited time. Unfortunately, details regarding the duration of this offer are vague, so I can’t tell you when it ends. It’s free as this article is published, so if you’re interested, don’t wait.

Like the other Cadenza products, the latest version of the Neo Orchestra engine is the driving force behind the free Cadenza Ukulele.

Cadenza is an exciting word for any soloist in the orchestral world; it’s a chance to demonstrate virtuosic prowess.

A cadenza can take multiple forms, but it’s typically somewhat of a departure from the main theme or feel of a concerto, often the most technically challenging part for a single player, and can even be quite playful.

It is also an opportunity for the composer and soloist to step out from the group. Although typically written by the composer, it’s not uncommon for a soloist to improvise a cadenza and, in some cases, have harmonic or rhythmic support from a few other instruments.

Regarding this freebie, the word cadenza is interesting because I don’t recall many virtual ukuleles aimed at such exposed solo roles. It tells me that the developer has created an instrument they believe will convincingly play that role, and that’s promising.

The ukulele might not be the first instrument you think of when it comes to soloing, perhaps even more so in the orchestral realm. But there’s something charming about the ukulele, and players tackle everything from Taylor Swift to J.S Bach.

You’ll find the download instructions on the product page. And don’t forget to check out Sound Magic’s popular Piano One freebie.

Don’t forget the other recent orchestral freebie, Reverie; Cello Textures.

Cadenza Ukulele is available in AU and VST formats for macOS (10.6 upwards) and Windows (7 upwards).

Download: Cadenza Ukulele (FREE)


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  1. Cadenza Ukulele works for me only with sounsets on my sys-drive (C:\Users\Public\Documents\SoundMagic\NeoOrchestra\Instruments), but with amp sim it’s real fun to play (low CPU and great sounds).

  2. Jacques (BlackWinny)


    Do some of you remember Chris Kerry who made one of the three most awesome collections of modules for the Synthedit developers?

    He is the man behind the engine and the GUI of NeoVST. Not made in Synthedit but in C++ of course. Of course the samples used for the physical modelling are not from him, but it’s Chris Kerry himself who made the engine and the GUI of all the plugins for Sound Magic.

  3. Jacques (BlackWinny)


    On some computers, the download from SendGB (the download service used by Sound Magic) doesn’t work with Firefox.

    If you’re a Firefox user, use exceptionally Edge for your download. And when the SendGB page opens, the important frame to download the product is not the white frame at the center of the page but the white frame at the right side of the page.

    Don’t forget to enter the password (clearly provided as riddle just under the big GUI picture in the product page). As usual this download password is just ONE letter… in Capital letter.

  4. Jacques (BlackWinny)


    @Dirk :

    The soundsets can be on another drive. Move them on a drive of your choice, then put a symbolic link of the now real folder pointing to the content of the initial folder where they were. It works. It’s a bit weird not to allow the installation of the soundsets on other drives but this method that I found works perfect for me since the day I began to use their products (a year ago).
    And indeed it makes you save room on your system drive.

    • THX I tried it with a normal link, which didn’t work, Piano1SE is the same. I’ll try “Mklink” later! Real big THX and KISSES!!

  5. Hmm, either I do something wrong or the sound of this ukulele is really bad. If playing staccato notes on a Midi keyboard, it sounds Ukulele-like. However, quick runs or playing more legato or chords leads to detuned notes which slide into each other. Horrible and it means this VSTi is useless for me.

    • For me it doesn’t work either. High note seem to come from a toy instrument in a box. D4 and F4 give both D4, playing g2 c4 e4 fast I get bes 3 for free.

      Not really nice publicity I would say.

  6. Peter make sure you turn off glide. Using strum articulation from Scaler might work well with this, but simple stuff sounds really good to me.

    • Thank you @COOPMUSIC247 and @THE SOUND OF LEX for trying to help. The plugin still behaves weirdly inside Reaper. The behavior is now different from yesterday? Single notes with legato enabled sounds o.k., with legato off, every note is detuned. It’s not possible to play chords (with setting POLY) I agree, the single notes sound decent.

  7. Thanks, but I can’t be bothered with riddles for hidden passwords. Where are we here, kindergarten?

    Ask me for buck and I’ll pay, but I refuse to play childish games.


  8. I’m on Firefox and when you get to the SendGB page, on the right-hand side of the page there’s a “Please Support Us” and at the bottom of that it says “Please fill in the password below”, type in “C” and hey presto download starts.

  9. LiterallyYouRightNow


    Downloaded it on my phone so I don’t miss out. Reading the comments and it’s amazing people would whine about getting a FREE thing. It’s like ratings for items on the Mal-Wart grocery app complaining about their store brand snack not tasting like name brand. I’m grateful to have another few free plugins. Thanks people who developed things!

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