Toybox Audio Releases FREE Thump One Wavetable Synthesizer


Toybox Audio releases Thump One, a FREE glitchy wavetable synth plugin for macOS and Windows.

Thump One is a synth plugin with a glitchy wavetable engine, and it’s free for macOS and Windows. Thump One is also available for iOS via Apple’s App Store and costs $3.99.

The synth features two engines (Kick and Layer) and eight flexible multi-segment envelopes.

Each engine has a bypass button, meaning you can layer them or use either individually.

There are eight main control knobs between the two engines, five for the Kick engine and three for the Layer engine. Each of the main control knobs adjusts a primary function that you can modulate using one of the available eight multi-segment envelope generators.

The primary functions of the Kick engine are Punch, Table (Wavetable position), Drive, Buzz, and Level. These parameters don’t need much explanation, but they come with five corresponding tweak knobs that you can use to adjust additional parameters.

The corresponding tweak knobs are Pitch, Wavetable Selector, Drive Filter (affects both engines), Buzz Tone, and FM (modulates the pitch using a separate oscillator).

The Wavetable Selector provides a collection of wavetables taken from genuine 808 kick drums after analog processing.

Adjusting the Buzz and Buzz Tone knobs can produce a degraded sound that works well in genres like LoFi Hip Hop.

The Layer engine is modeled on the Supersaw oscillator of the Roland JP8000. Two Supersaw oscillators are mixed and passed through the Kick engine’s Drive section.

The main control knobs for the Layer engine are Detune, Filter, and Level.

There are twelve modes available for the Layer Engine.

The first ten modes represent different intervals between the two Supersaw notes and varied amounts of cross-modulation from the Kick engine.

The last two modes are Noise and FM; in Noise mode, the Detune knob adjusts the amount of static; in FM mode, the Detune knob adjusts the amount of feedback.

All eight envelopes run simultaneously at the same speed, controlled by two knobs: Attack and Delay.

Thump One is an easy-to-use synth that does a bit of everything from thumping basses to soaring anthem leads. The plugin features 150 presets and randomization functions to kickstart your inspiration.

If you’re after a more traditional freebie, don’t forget that Sound Magic’s Cadenza Ukulele is free for a limited time.

Thump One is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Thump One


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  1. If your CPU can handle a bit of work, and likes fun, it’s gonna have a blast!
    It looks simple but it really isn’t. Great for drum synthesis, well anything short and percussive really.

  2. Hi CPU if the plugin is “open” but I think that’s down to the graphics (TBF, I’ve got an old intel I3 with integrated graphics chip) but it’s a great plugin.
    Got it running with MPC software via VST3SHELL and it performs well.
    Some awesome sounds can be had here! Pretty damn sweet for a freebie.

    • Funny enough, I have the exact opposite… The CPU load is -LESS- when the GUI is open. Whut?
      Open : 2.80% Closed : 3.75% avg.
      i7 4790 from 10 years ago with Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics, desktop (no funny laptop business).

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