Electric Keys Is A FREE Rhodes Piano For Kontakt Player


Fracture Sounds release Electric Keys, a FREE Rhodes Mk1 library for Kontakt Player.

Electric Keys is the first release by Fracture Sounds from the Blueprint series, a collection of free sample libraries for Kontakt Player. It is one of the better free libraries for Kontakt we’ve seen in recent times.

It’s always great to see libraries like Electric Keys available for the free Kontakt Player, and I appreciate the time, effort, and attention to detail that goes into their development.

So, a big thank you to Fracture Sounds for Electric Keys and whatever comes down the line from the Blueprint series.

In creating Electric Keys, Fracture Sounds captured the sound of a 1969 Fender Rhodes Mk1 Stage Piano.

The developers sampled the vintage Rhodes with DI, amped, and acoustic signals to deliver a more authentic character. Electric Keys also recreates the mechanical character traits of the Rhodes Mk1 with key press and key release samples.

A good electric piano sound lends itself well to many genres: Pop, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, Cinematic music, and most others. Tailoring the instrument to a specific genre is often about subtle changes, and Electric Keys gives you the control to make those subtle changes.

The main section of the interface features controls for Stereo Spread, Chorus, Atmosphere, and Reverb.

The Atmosphere control is interesting; with reverse reverb, it adds a new ethereal layer to the sound. The Atmosphere effect creates a wide open, lush, dreamy sound, perfect for all kinds of ambient music.

The second section of the interface has a Signal switch to move between Direct and Amp. It also has controls for the key press and key release levels.

Electric Keys has a setting page to adjust things like the sample start time and velocity response. Minor adjustments to these settings can play a significant role in how expressive the instrument is for any particular playing style.

I think we typically see fewer Rhodes Mk1 libraries than other versions of the iconic electric piano, so it’s nice when one like this comes along. We had a Mk2 freebie recently with the ETI Roads Kontakt library.

I love instruments like Electric Keys, and I’m excited to see what comes next from the Blueprint series.

Remember, there are also more Kontakt Player Cinematic freebies to come from The Free Orchestra 2.

Download: Blueprint: Electric Keys (FREE)


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  1. Project Sam The Free Orchestra 2 Bold Legato Brass is available now. Sounds great. To claim, just click the update button in Native Access (if you’ve already installed The Free Orchestra 2 and if not, get the free serial).

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