Get monthly cinematic freebies with The Free Orchestra 2 for the free Kontakt Player


Project Sam offers monthly cinematic freebies with The Free Orchestra 2 for the free Kontakt Player.

We last covered The Free Orchestra by Project Sam around a year ago, and more specifically, we discussed some pretty significant enhancements made by the developer.

These enhancements included a shift to the same engine that powers flagship products like Symphobia and True Strike, along with multiple interface improvements.

Now that The Free Orchestra 2 is on the scene, Project Sam has mapped out an entire year of new instrument releases.

The new instruments are, of course, free and will be released on the last Thursday of each month. If you collect all twelve instruments over the next year, it should amount to an impressive cinematic arsenal.

Before we get into the first freebie, here’s a little about The Free Orchestra 2 (TFO2).

TFO2 runs in the free Kontakt Player; it’s free to download, and there are no licensing conditions attached, so you’re free to use it on commercial projects. So, it’s another addition to the growing list of free libraries for Kontakt Player.

It features sounds from Project Sam’s premium products, which they recorded in pristine concert hall environments.

The interface, having already been overhauled for the previous release, is modern, unclustered, and offers intuitive control of sound and expression. For example, you can control dynamics via velocity or a custom CC (mod wheel, faders, etc.).

The first free instrument is Sul Tasto Strings, and it’s absolutely lovely.

Anyone interested in orchestral music or experienced in using virtual strings might be familiar with the word flautando, which means flute-like.

Spitfire Audio users, particularly, often express a fondness for flautando patches. It’s a sound that can simultaneously be sweet, mellow, and soft but chillingly emotive.

Sul Tasto refers to a bowing technique that delivers that mellow sound. The technique involves using the bow just over the end of the fingerboard. Funnily enough, like most musical techniques, bowing over the fingerboard can be a bad habit unless it’s an intentional expressive choice.

Sul Tasto generally delivers a thinner sound; whether you have a soloist or an entire section playing right in that sweet spot, it can be extremely powerful and moving.

Cinematic freebies are improving constantly, and Sul Tasto Strings is an epic way to kickstart a year of new instruments.

The keyboardist in me has to remind you that a 50% discount on Neo-Soul Keys® Studio 2 is still available (BPB exclusive); it’s ridiculously good.

Download: The Free Orchestra 2 (FREE)


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    • Follow the instructions on downloading FO2 via Native Access. When you load it up in a session it will ask you to open your first instrument and there you will find the Sul Tasto Strings

  1. I watched the demo video like this: 😮😮😮
    But is there something that wasn’t clear, if I miss a month do I lose that month’s freebie? I need to pay attention to getting it every month if I want to get them all, right?

  2. I too went to the site today for the second instrument and it said it wasn’t available. It’s the 26th of September now. The first came out in August so where is September’ s very kind offering. Has something happened to this plan. Thought it was too good to be true.

    • In case anyone is also stumped: Register an account on their website, then go to “My Libraries”. You should find serials for the free orchestra 2 there which you then register in native access.

      And yeah, they could not have made that less clear on their actual website.

  3. Thanks for this, the website has zero info on how to actually register the library. Not sure what they’ve been smoking.

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