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Adastra Ambiences is a FREE cinematic soundscape library for Soundpaint


Adastra Ambiences is a new FREE cinematic soundscape library for Soundpaint.

8dio released Soundpaint around two years ago, launching it with a free Vintage Steinway Grand Piano. The innovative free sample player offers an eclectic range of free and paid libraries.

Adastra Ambiences is a free library packed with epic cinematic soundscapes.

The library comes from a previous release, Adastra Strings, and the mind of multi-instrumentalist Steve Tavaglione.

Tavaglinone, perhaps best known as a saxophone and EWI virtuoso, took the original Adastra Strings demos and turned them into a collection of ambient atmospheres.

The collection includes over 180 unique ambiances that are highly emotive in different ways. Some sounds are more obvious than others in their intended emotion, and some are more subtle and ambiguous, which is often the best way to go with cinematic work.

When Soundpaint first came on the scene, the developers talked about it as a creative space without limits. One cool feature that works well with this kind of library is the ability to load ambiances per key.

You can stretch different ambient soundscapes across dedicated keyboard zones to create the ultimate performance patch. If you’re combining more than one sound, it’s sometimes best to capture everything on the same take to ensure the same feel for each part, so that could be a handy feature.

Some keywords used to describe Adastra Ambiences are texture, dreamscape, and contrast.

Texture is a word you could use to describe any atmospheric sound because it’s often the quality that determines whether a sound is comfortable or uncomfortable for the audience. Adastra Ambiences provides lots of texture, from silky smooth ethereal to gritty and dystopian.

The word dreamscape might, by default, suggest the silky smooth, ethereal atmosphere mentioned above, but the ambiances in this library lend themselves equally well to a bad dream.

Contrast is probably the most fitting descriptor because Adastra Ambiences allows you to create an atmosphere as light or dark as you need. It easily covers the usual suspects, like sad, happy, triumphant, pensive, and anxious, with lots of nuanced variations in between.

If you like that industrial, retro-futuristic ambiance that sets the mood for every shady city of the future from an 80s movie, the library does that well, amongst many other things.

Adastra Ambiences is available to download for free now.

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Download: Adastra Ambiences (FREE)


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  1. Sadly it seems that one has to install a manager to be able to get this?:
    “Login to your Soundpaint Account to download and install your Soundpaint Engine.”
    I have installed far too many portals already, and I will not add another just to get a sample library
    Instead of every vendor having their own portal, why can’t there be a generic one, to cater for the user, a one stop shop

      • I misunderstood, I thought this was like a library of WAV samples
        I didn’t realize there was a Sound Paint Engine sample player

    • it is way more than just a library it has lots of built in FX, arpeggiator etc so yes you do have to DL a portal
      I found it worth it, some really good sounds in there and paying libraries are not expensive so worth a go

    • Not so much a portal, you have to install the player and then you can download libraries directly from there. The player is pretty good, easy to use and good flexibility of mixing sounds and effects

    • CPU can get high indeed … a concern for me too
      But I love and hate KT too it’s too expensive and I don’t like most NI sounds ..

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