Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A Tube Compressor Is FREE Until October 31st!


Universal Audio offersthe Teletronix LA-2A Tube Compressor as a FREE download until October 31st!

It’s been a rare period for Universal Audio plugins! First, we had the big flash sale at Plugin Boutique, and now UAD is going one better, with the only thing better than a big sale is giving stuff for FREE!

Universal Audio is offering the Teletronix LA-2A Tube Compressor plugin completely free. As we don’t see these plugins given out for free too often, it is best to get it while you can – the offer ends October 31st!

Universal Audio plugins come in two forms: UAD Native and Apollo Realtime/UAD-2. The Apollo Realtime/UAD-2 versions run accelerated on Apollo interfaces and UAD-2 hardware.

The UAD Native versions run on Mac and PC without UAD hardware.

I just want to clarify that you don’t need UAD hardware to run this plugin; I’m sure that’s common knowledge for most, but I’d hate anyone to miss out.

Universal Audio recreated three generations of this iconic compressor for its LA-2A Collection, including the original LA-2.

The plugin we are getting for free is brand new and not part of that pre-existing collection. If you already own the collection, it might still be worth checking out this new variation.

The LA-2A optical tube compressor is famous for its warmth and rich harmonic detail, which, in many use cases, provides a smooth and polished sound. It glues everything together while enhancing the best characteristics of each part.

It’s also famous for being incredibly easy to use because it has so few controls – and the plugin is no different.

It starts with the Compress/Limit switch, which sets the ratio. In Compress mode, the ratio is roughly 3:1 and roughly infinity:1 when set to Limit. The compression ratios are frequency-dependent and not absolute.

Next is the Gain knob, which adds up to 40 dB of makeup gain to compensate for the compression. As the Gain control adjusts the output level, it doesn’t affect the amount of compression applied.

You set the amount of compression from 0 dB to -40 dB using the Peak Reduction knob. Increasing the Peak Reduction lowers the compression threshold, increasing the amount of compression applied.

Both the Gain and Peak Reduction knobs are marked with values ranging from 0-100, but those values are just reference points and don’t represent any actual dB value.

The last knob controls the mode of the VU Meter.

Bill Putnam’s late 1960s LA-2A Silver is probably the most versatile and most used of the original hardware units. So, if anyone is going to produce an authentic emulation of the legendary compressor, you’d think it would be Bill Putnam Jr. and Universal Audio. You simply cannot complain about this freebie at all.

And lastly, if you haven’t entered the Inner Pitch giveaway yet, do it now as you still have time!

Download: LA-2A Tube Compressor (FREE until October 31st!)


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  1. Cherry Audio Polymode and 6 Sample Packs for 1€ @ humblebundle
    Cheryy Audio Polymode, Eight Voice, Mercury 4, DCO-106, Mixcraft 9 Studio, Pianissimo Grand Piano,
    Double Scoop and about 40 Sample-Packs for 19€

    • Not true, you just create an ilok account and the plugin is added to your account automatically, in your UDA account, in which you add your ilok account.

      • No, in order to register UAD plugins you need the UA connect software, which DOES NOT run on Windows 7. UAD has designed it that way, so that it’s not possible to install unless you run Windows 10 or higher. Very sad!

        • I am also on 7. Just like you said. This is sad. As it is with many other instruments and such that are released these days. Feel like I’m losing out, which is a bummer.

              • Man, W10 works as great as W7, trust me, my PC is old, too (by 2007), but I use W10 since 2015 having installed it over my W7 with keeping whole the files and system, it’d be “Windows Old”, so if you still won’t like W10, you’ll can go back to your current W7 state easily. Also if your W7 is any kind activated, then your W10 will be also automatically activated forever for free. Just do it with official downloadable Media creation tool by Microsoft!))

          • you can claim the license in here bro thanks to Purefire comment below.

  2. UA – LA-2A is available for free at Plugin Boutique as well now, you still need to go through the UA website to download UA Connect to install it.


    Also… UA – LA-2A plug-in is included in a free bundle along with PB – Stereo Savage Elements & Pulsar – W495 EQ at Plugin Boutique (only for a limited time).


  3. The $49 UA deal at Plugin Boutique includes the Pultech collection (3), LA2A collection (3), Space Echo, Pure Plate, PolyMax Synth, Century Channel Preamp, Oxide Tape Recorder so 11 plugins total is nuts.

    • yeah, people are realizing that they don’t need to pay for so many plugins, since most are included in their DAW. So, the plugin manufacturers are scrambling to bundle a bunch of worthless junk , to make a few bucks.

      • lol

        UA’s website (honestly couldn’t redeem the compressor) and the annoying extra crap with it and their annoying support kinda put me off considering UA anything ever.

      • This. You can buy a plugin to get something you don’t have in your DAW, like a true peak limiter. But after you get one do you really need 10 true peak limiters? Or 20 plate reverb vsts? Or 100 synths that make basic waveshapes?

  4. Requires quite a lot of determination: creating an account, installing a software manager app, linking to an iLok account, etc

      • Well, firstly, I couldn’t redeem it (tried 2 browsers, possibly an OS issue, I dunno). Their website didn’t show text or accept any entry in the email textbox (peculiarly only on the download page). Navigating and contacting their support is annoying as hell and I honestly don’t need more extra bloat from insecure greedy companies, coz there’s other crap other than iLok. Simply put, if companies have those sort of policies, I tend to avoid. Other than that, looking at UA’s stuff, yeah, pretty much all of it overpriced.

  5. ilok account – Big no no

    Thank you BPB but free for me is registration max
    no ilok account needed, no full kontakt, and this horrible downloading system just works badly

    I prefer (gave up on my up to now because of this reason) a plugin that doesnt require an internet connection
    This is may be free, but whenever you pay, the last thing you want to do is working hard

    I will pass buttThank you guys

    • Same here. I knew they were going to ask for more on the 2nd page when at first they made it seem like an email was the only requirement. Then sure enough, second page they wanted a name and an account. That’s usually a red flag, but alright, fair enough, it’s really not much for an actual quality product. Then I got a 300MB installer for hub software, not even the actual product, which in turn installed PACE/iLok… Oh no, it’s not worth all this.. Uninstall everything.

      I’ve got good compressors, I don’t need this. I’m glad I know how they operate now. It would’ve been worse if I actually bought it and then found out what junk they dump on my computer for just one lousy plugin.

      Thanks, but no thanks.

    • Instruments that need “Full Kontakt” are ones made by third party developers who won’t pay the fee to Native Instruments for a Kontakt Payer license.
      They are often independent and very small developers who are creating Kontakt instruments for non commercial reasons, and often giving them away for free.
      I don’t think it’s the same thing as requiring Pace/iLok.

  6. I’m not sure do I want this or not. I already have a few LA2A. Do you hear any difference to lets say analog obsession LALA ?

    • I haven’t used LALA. This is the legacy version, which has much less harmonic distortion. So its probably not the best emulation out there.

  7. FYI, Windows 11 is a free update and you can bypass the standard requirements that keep most people from updating even on very old computers. I have a PC from 10 years ago running Windows 11.

  8. Ian / Nihil Quest


    You should really mention stuff like Ilok and UA Connect. It’s more useful than describing what the gain knob does. Such a waste of time.

  9. I’m sorry, but I can’t change the Windows 7 I use just to run this plugin. In my opinion, there are many plugins that have much better performance than this compressor and all of them are compatible with Windows 7 very well.

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