AVA Music Group Releases FREE PRISM Drums Lite For Kontakt Player


AVA Music Group has just released PRISM Drums – Lite Edition, a FREE Kontakt library compatible with the free Kontakt player.

It’s a collection of curated mix-ready drum samples designed for today’s modern productions.

It features 5 drum kits into one instrument: Modern Pop drum kit, Retro Pop Drum kit, Trailer kit, Indie Pop kit, and Hip-hop kit.

The interface looks inspiring and easy to use, with a modern look and design.

The Main page of the Kontakt instrument has a different background image for each drum kit and two sliders on the sides. Those are macros that let you customize the drum samples quickly.

On the left, you can select between Tape and Compression. On the right, the slider switches between Limiter and Sauce.

The last one is a creative under-the-hood processing chain to add instant flavor and character to the drum sounds.

The instrument also has a comprehensive Effects page with lots of sound-shaping options. You get controls over Compression, Stereo widening, Exciter, Transient shaper, Pitch, Reverb, Delay, EQ, and filtering.

To activate any effect, you just need to click on the logo of the corresponding device.

Interestingly, the Reverb is a convolution reverb effect that shows you a little picture of the environment in which it has been captured.

You can change the impulse response by clicking the arrows beneath the picture.

Overall, PRISM Drums – Lite Edition is an instrument you want to add to your collection. It’s light on disk space, simple to use, and effective.

What I like the most is its ability to customize the included kits to your needs.

For instance, you can blend a Kick from the Modern Pop kit with a Snare from the Trailer kit for a hybrid result.

Furthermore, each drum sound can be shaped individually with its processing chain. This way, you can create your own sound and be more unique.

8 elements are present in each drum kit: Kick, Snare, Clap, Close HiHat, Open HiHat, Hi Tom, Low Tom, and Crash.

A great feature is the possibility of previewing each sample’s variation by clicking on the relevant Samples panel on the Effects page.

Alternatively, you can change the drum samples by clicking on a menu with arrows.

PRISM Drums – Lite Edition is also fully NKS compatible to work seamlessly with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine, letting you access snapshots and custom-mapped control knobs.

Download: PRISM Drums – Lite Edition (Native Access is required for the activation)


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  1. Just as i was about to go redeem this, the avamusicgroup website went down, & has stayed down for the past two days. :’-(

    • Update: It was some kinda problem with account-registration that made the site completely inaccessible. Using a New Private Window within Firefox made it accessible again.

      • Nope, still fails to redeem, because any attempts to access the store Cart results in an error that makes the entire site inaccessible until cookies are cleared. Checked in both Firefox & Chrome.

        So, i’m still failing to redeem this freebie after 3 days. :(

      • Update: Finally succeeded…

        Order of actions upon visiting the site = Log into your account FIRST, then in the PRISM Drums Lite page, click on “More payment options” instead of “Add to cart”. See if this works for you.

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