Waves Kramer HLS Channel Is FREE Until October 21st!


Waves Audio and Gearspace offer the Kramer HLS Channel ($29.99 value) plugin as a FREE download for a limited time.

Kramer HLS Channel is a virtual console channel strip plugin with a built-in equalizer and preamp saturation. It emulates the Helios analog mixing console located at Olympic Studios in London.

The equalizer has a simple 3-band layout with bass-, mid-, and high-frequency band controls. It works very well for gently shaping the signal as the first insert on individual channels.

The plugin also models the console’s mic/line preamp stage with optional saturation. You can turn on the preamp module to apply harmonic distortion to the signal or leave it off for a more transparent sound (and to preserve some CPU cycles).

You can also use Kramer HLS Channel to add some noise and hum to the signal, simulating the analog circuitry of the original Helios mixing console. I like keeping this feature off to maintain signal clarity, although it can be useful if you want to intentionally degrade the signal.

The effect becomes more prominent when using the plugin on multiple channels across the mix.

Lastly, Kramer HLS Channel features volume faders and a VU meter for monitoring the levels. You can use the meter to monitor the loudness either on the input or the output.

I enjoy using channel strip plugins because they make it easy to quickly dial in some gentle EQ and saturation on each track. They’re great for correcting the frequency balance and removing unnecessary frequencies while also introducing subtle harmonic distortion to saturate the signal.

I’ve used Kramer HLS Channel occasionally in the past. While it’s not my favorite channel strip plugin (I prefer some of the Plugin Alliance ones), it’s a still useful tool for gentle musical EQ fine-tuning and analog processing.

To claim your free copy of Kramer HLS Channel, visit the promo page linked below, log in to your Waves Audio user account (or register a new one), and click the blue Get It Free button (pictured below).

Please note that you’ll need to be signed in to see the redemption button. You will also need to install Waves Audio’s license manager to activate the Kramer HLS Channel in your DAW.

Kramer HLS Channel is available for free download for a limited time only during this exclusive deal launched in collaboration with Gearspace. The offer ends on October 21st at 2 PM (GMT+1).

We’ve seen several excellent limited-time freebies in October so far. Be sure to get a free copy of Universal Audio’s excellent Teletronix LA-2A compressor plugin if you haven’t done so already.

Kramer HLS Channel is compatible with 64-bit VST3, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

Get the deal: Kramer HLS Channel (FREE until October 21st)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. The Kramer line from Waves also has the only PWM based compressor.
    Too bad that’s not what free, I’d actually crack open the Waves DRM just to check it out.

    Atill thanks for the many freebies from Waves I’ve been hoarding!

  2. Frank Labuschagne


    Haven’t used a waves plugin yet, probably never will (not saying they’re bad plugins). Not a fan of UA, IK, NI and similar types’ policies and such.

    Some of these companies just don’t understand…

  3. Waves install system is not for me
    Their behaviour is awful as well from many stories about them

    Above all, every Black friday they use the same stupid (sorry) “give away” method and they think that it may improve their worth

    Well, not so much, ha?

    Great weekend BPB

  4. old dirty basstard


    There was a time I craved waves plugins. And the Bootsy(Variety Of Sound) emerged and it was game over from then on😁

  5. Brothers and sisters in Christ. Don’t you ever get tired of complaining about the install system of freebies from any company?

    If you don’t want it just move on. Of course you’re free to do whatever you want. I just think that its 1. The polite thing to do, since the guys here at BPB are not at fault and have to read your complains every time and 2. The not-annoying thing to do for everyone that is interested in constructive criticism or commentaries about actual MUSIC instead of your whining.

    • I mean… the same can be said about people like you complaining about other people (rightfully) complaining, so…

      Personally, I don’t want masses of clients like Waves Central on my system. Freebies should NOT require those.

      • No it can’t be said. For two reasons: 1. Because its the first time in years that I’ve complained and 2. Because me saying this is not disrespectful to the BPB people who put time and effort in knowing and sharing the news about the freebie. On the contrary, it shows appreciation.

        Limited time freebies should require clients and such because otherwise they wouldn’t be free for a limited time but instead eternally free. Yes, additionally, the company gets your email and an ice-breaker, which IMHO is fair enough since they’re letting you use software without paying. But again, that last part is IMHO.

        They’re obviously not doing because they love you. They do it for business. I don’t think that should surprise anyone. Regardless, you can make better music than yesterday without your wallet getting thinner. Take it or leave it. Or complain about it, in which case I have the right to be annoyed, and it’s ok for me to express it politely.

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