IK Multimedia Wurly Model 120 Is Currently FREE!


Audio Plugin Deals offers the Wurly Model 120 (€49.99 value) virtual instrument by IK Multimedia as a free download for a limited time.

Wurly Model 120 is IK Multimedia’s take on the legendary Wurlitzer Model 120 electric piano. The portable piano from the 1950s was used in countless hit records, and we now have the chance to access those sample sounds for free.

Of course, using a virtual instrument isn’t the same as playing the actual Wurlitzer Model 120, but it’s the next best thing and takes far less space in your studio.

Wurly Model 120 is a sample-based instrument powered by IK Multimedia’s SampleTank engine. You will need to download the free SampleTank 4 Custom Shop plugin in order to install and use Wurly Model 120 in your digital audio workstation.

The instrument is based on 590 MB of multi-samples and comes with twenty instrument presets.

I tested Wurly Model 120 in Studio One, and I think all the presets use the same samples as the source. The difference is in how those sounds are processed using the SampleTank 4 engine.

With that in mind, how much variety you get with the Wurly Model 120 presets is quite impressive. There’s plenty to choose from, ranging from authentic Wurli tones to more modern and heavily processed sounds.

Overall, the Wurly Model 120 is a decent emulation of the original, and it’s worth adding to your collection if you’re looking for high-quality vintage electric piano tones.

Get more info about IK Multimedia’s virtual Wurly in the video below.

Claiming a free copy of Wurly Model 120 requires jumping through a few hoops, but it isn’t too complicated.

First, you’ll need to visit the special offer page linked below and complete the checkout process on Audio Plugin Deals. You will then receive further instructions on how to claim your license on IK Multimedia’s website.

The entire activation and installation process takes around 15-20 minutes. Also, remember that you’ll need to install the SampleTank 4 Custom Shop plugin from IK Multimedia.

It’s also worth noting that the Audio Plugin Deals website is getting hammered with traffic, so it’s quite slow. You’ll definitely need some patience to get this freebie.

Wurly Model 120 typically costs €49.99, but it’s free for a limited time with this exclusive deal. Audio Plugin Deals hasn’t shared how long the deal will last.

Get the deal: Wurly Model 120 (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals for a limited time)


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • It seems now you have to be logged into the new authorization manager in order to use any IK software, this doesn’t bode well for me and this company going forward.
      I own the software I bought but can’t use it on a computer that is offline?

  1. I got it in a breeze. Shame the IK installation process is always tedious.
    Seems they haven’t really moved on much with tech and UX.
    But worth it though!

    • well, IK has always been somewhat tedious. Good sounding stuff, but the user orientation could (and should) be a bit better… well, after over 20 years, they might consider this some kind of “tradition”… ;-)

  2. Thanks! It is free, so naturally I went and got it :-)
    But already got so many e-piano plugs, I doubt I will bother installing it

  3. It’s only 180 days access.
    You’d then need to pay with ‘access credits’ to continue using. Possibly a recurring cost.

    • I don’t think so. The 180 days is the time you can download the sound content, and then it’s too late I think. But with little money you can do it later, and also download every other one you missed. That’s what I think it is as I remember. Not sure. Can’t even get this wurly to work in sampletank 4. I don’t see the word CS in my sampletank. Is that the reason it’s not showing anything when I choose this instrjment in sampletank ? Ik manager say it’s registered and I downloaded the sounds.

    • No. There is 180 days to download the sounds. It is advisible to make a backup of those sounds. If you don’t have a backup and need to reinstall Wurly, for example because of getting a new PC, then a “Sounds Download Reactivation Credit” will cost €10.

  4. the problem with ik multimedia is the installation is such a headache , they give away lots of libaries , but i find them
    tricky to install and tricky to use so i haven’t really given them
    the time of day to know if there any good

  5. Frank Labuschagne


    IK has some the crappiest software i’ve ever seen. Their installer after i install it be like “dude, where am i?”, their interfaces are ass, despite some nice features. Couple that with crap licensing…gee, i wonder why i’ve only bought Reaper (oh and i lost an enormous amount of respect for cockos and wouldn’t buy any of their stuff again)..

    Imo, too many of those companies are way too “legacy” and “stagnant” aside from garbage elitism and terrible greedy policies, crap software.

  6. I installed this and it shows in Sampletank main list. Then it has no voices in the sub lists. I clearly see the samples are installed in the Sampletank library. Makes no sense.

  7. @John Obvious
    The time means you can download the sounds.
    If you have them on your HD you can use them.
    Not the way Arturia Software is workin’

  8. This is one of the worst software implementation systems I’ve experienced. Free or not, 180 days to download the files? Really? Jumping through hoops and multi layered installation systems are a scourge on digital production. Next they will count how many midi notes you use and when you reach an arbitrary number they will charge you per note then create a “New” version that you have to pay quadruple the amount to continue using it even though it’s embedded in years of projects. Where’s the uninstall button for IK ? :\

  9. Rogério Pereira


    Can’t download their “Authorization Manager” software. Although my Wi-fi is running perfectly the site says it cannot download the file due to a network error. The first time I tried it just downloaded a PDF file. The thing is that I don’t have the time to waste on this kind of crap. The problem is that now they have my email and other data. This is a shady practice so I reported as spam on Gmail and I won’t be getting more emails from these people. Such a shame the Bedroom Producers Blog is going along with this crap.

  10. Ik product manager don’t let me update from the program, I have to manually download and install the new version of the software, and when I try to install it, windows protect says that is an unknown editior COME ON, I doesnt make any sense.

  11. I have Kaspersky antivirus and it keeps reporting download denied due to Trojan Script at the Audio Plugin Deals wbesite.
    Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

  12. I’ve been trying to make this work 2 days now. Even purchased some of the missing sounds i had authorased to samplerank earlier but not understand to download them then. Some libraries are showing and some not. I should get my money back ?

    I know it’s a bug because I uninstalled vst3 and re-installed to vst2 and now I had 1 missing library working but still few not showing anything. I can sort libraries that I had authorised and they are there but empty.

  13. IK install is a hell,
    so stupid you have to install: Authorizer, program manager, custom shop, saves the downloads so i dont have to pay again when i download…
    I once bought the EVERYTHING deal but avoid all their stuff because so annoying to waste mu precious time

  14. Continuum Theorem


    Ik Multimedia is the worst!!!
    At least my purchases won’t download the updates and I can’t reinstall atm.
    Also it is not compatible with Studio One low latency mode which is whatever, but now I can’t update or download anything through their product manager. I can’t stand this company atm.

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