HoRNet TrackUtility MK2 Is FREE Today Only! (OFFER EXPIRED)


HoRNet is giving away TrackUtility MK2 for free, but act fast since the offer is valid only today! UPDATE: The offer has expired.

It’s that time of the year when we refresh our arsenal of free plugins, indeed.

TrackUtility MK2 is a pretty useful tool you want to have in your collection. It features a bunch of controls in a single, intuitive interface.

Moreover, the high contrast found in the latest version makes it visually more appealing and clear.

On the left, you’ll find the Peak and RMS metering for instantly checking your audio levels.

The new grouping function is super handy to instantly modify various controls of multiple tracks at once. There are 16 of them, so you’ve plenty of room to make the assignments your project needs.

Let’s say you have got several synth tracks you want to widen up.

First, add a TrackUtility plugin to each track. Then, assign each of them to group 1, for instance. Now, each instance of the plugin talks to each other, so every modification you do applies to all tracks.

In the case mentioned above, you just need to crank up the Width control above 100%.

You can think of TrackUtility as a Swiss army knife for audio.

In the Input section, you can do track muting and DC offset removal.

The Channel Selector panel gives you the ability to select either the left, right, left, and right or reversed stereo channels. Additionally, the Phase Reverse can reverse the polarity of the left or the right channel.

This can also be used creatively to instantly widen up a mono-ish sound.

The Gain panel is probably the most useful and interesting as it features a brand-new Auto Gain algorithm with adjustments in Peak and RMS mode. You can select your target gain value in either Peak or RMS, and the plugin automatically increases or decreases the volume of your source signal to match it.

Be careful by selecting high RMS values since the signal can go well above 0 dB. In this case, it’s a good idea to engage the Limit switch at the bottom of TrackUtility.

Speaking of the limiter section, it boasts the Magnus Output limiter algorithm found in another HoRNet plugin. It also offers three different auto-release times. Those can be set in musical divisions of your DAW tempo, like 1 Bar or 1/2 bar.

A Clip mode is present, too, so the plugin can have a mastering application, too.

TrackUtility MK2 is available as Audio Units VST2.4, VST3, AAX format for 64-bit only macOS and Windows systems.

UPDATE: The offer has expired.

Get the deal: TrackUtility MK2 (FREE for 24 Hours only!)


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  1. This really is a dope plugin being able to automatically make a group of different faders aim to a specific peak OR RMS level. I have this and the autogain separate one and they are just great. They really should be built-in to DAWs imo. I’d like to be able to name the groups though. And the price on these can’t be beat.

    • Why you think everything should be granted for long time? If devs decide to share their work for one day it’s still a great offer. I have nice pack of HorNet plugins just by these posts on BPB and few I’ve paid full price. Because of that I saved some bucks on VHS and opto compressor thru dedicated offers from email. So why you call it a scam?

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