Stagecraft Infinity Synth Is Now FREE!


Stagecraft offers the Infinity Synth virtual instrument as a FREE download to everyone registering a user account on the website.

We are officially in the march towards Black Friday, and software developers are wasting no time in enticing customers.

Stagecraft’s Infinity Synth is one such piece of software and is available for free to anyone looking to create an account with the developer (it was previously available for free from, but that offer expired a long time ago).

The method itself relies on using credits that are gained at the time of sign-up to purchase the synth, making it essentially free. Once you register, you’ll get credits that you can use to redeem Infinity Synth for free.

The video below walks you through the entire process.

If you’ve been hunting for a sample-based synth, this might be the way to go.

So, what is Infinity Synth?

As previously mentioned, you’ll be using samples for the primary sound sources rather than modeled oscillators or other traditional waveforms. The signal path itself is fairly typical aside from that.

You’ve got envelopes for shaping both the amplitude and response of the filter on the signal itself. Also included is a handy X/Y pad for assigning modulation destinations or sources if you so desire.

Stagecraft has also included some LFOs, which are absolutely vital for adding some much-needed motion and intrigue to a sound.

The included sound sources call to mind the workstations of yesteryear, with a bevy of bread-and-butter sounds mingling with more typical synth noises. You’ll find electric pianos, keys, strings, and a whole host of other samples.

Your sounds then have a freely arranged effect rack with slots for at least four effects. These are your usual suspects, with chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, and others being readily used. You can also assign the parameters of these effects to be modulated, which can lead to some interesting sound design.

I don’t know if this would replace my default sampler/synth hybrid, but I’m one of the crazy folks who bought Omnisphere without a discount.

If you lack something like this in your arsenal, I can certainly see the utility, especially if you want a more novel take on the workstation paradigm.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find anything like an arpeggiator or sequencer, but that can be easily handled with outside utilities in your DAW if you want.

Infinity Synth is available for Windows and Mac computers.

Check out the deal: Infinity Synth (FREE with a Stagecraft account)


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  1. Hi William and dear BPB readers,
    It says “full version, must register at 30 days” but my computer is not connected to the internet…
    It asks you to purchase a product key for $50…

    I did register but it still asks for a credit card, can anybody check it out?

  2. No i dont want to use credits for the synth , thank u , and the synth available through reverb was a demo of 30 days , i had brought it back then , they did not provide any serial

  3. Thanks for the information. This sounds interesting.
    However, on the Stagecraft website, I cannot find anything about the synth being free. You can download the software for free, but you need to buy a product key for $50.

  4. Thanks for the clarification on the credits. I bought Armory with the credits. I am not interested in a sampler synthesizer with Pigments and Phase Plant. The Armory seemed like a very interesting drum machine.

  5. Thanks for the info!
    What I found was $50 credit added to my Stagecraft account. So I bought Infinity Synth and got it free, but for users
    wanting FX instead, there are several one can buy with the credit instead of the Infinity Synth

  6. Be careful if installing the Infinity Synth, it doesn’t have an uninstaller.
    The authorization went well. But works really badly on my Windows 10 setup, the GUI glitches in FL Studio 21.2 unlike no other plugin.
    Getting if off my computer, took some time.

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