Native Instruments Offer FREE iZotope Ozone 11 Mastering EQ + New Komplete Start Bundle


Native Instruments is giving away the iZotope Ozone 11 Mastering EQ plugin for free as part of the new Komplete Start bundle.

I’ve been a huge iZotope fan, and I used Ozone as my go-to mastering plugin for years. It is great to see that even bedroom producers on a budget can now get their hands on some of iZotope’s premium products for free!

Ozone 11 EQ is the equalizer module taken from the full Ozone suite of mastering acclaimed processors, which can work both as a standalone plugin and on individual tracks.

If you’re used to iZotope products, you should be aware of how greatly their user interfaces are designed.

iZotope’s plugins are a great option for beginners, thanks to the intelligent audio analysis and processing features. At the same time, they’re packed with advanced controls for the experts! Truly the best of both worlds!

The latest version of the Ozone EQ comes with several interesting new features.

A cool one is the so-called Transient/Sustain mode. It integrates a new technology that first appeared on Eventide SplitEQ, which is the ability to equalize the transient or sustain portion of a signal independently.

This is a new way to shape the audio that can be used for mixing and sound design.

Let’s say you just want to add warmth to your guitar sustain part without affecting the transients. Essentially, you might want to saturate the signal while keeping the picked part bright and sizzle. Well, now you can do that!

Here's a closer look at the iZotope Ozone 11 Mastering EQ.

Here’s a closer look at the iZotope Ozone 11 Mastering EQ.

On the other hand, imagine you want a brighter transient on your snare without making the body too harsh – Ozone 11 EQ has you covered!

Technology truly advances at the speed of light. I remember when dynamic EQ was a new thing from version 6 of Ozone.

Talking of Ozone 11 EQ, it has extra levels of control, making it one of the most advanced EQs available.

The Delta feature lets you hear only the difference between the processed and unprocessed signal, helping you make better mixing decisions.

The Gain Match function tries to keep the signal at approximately the same level as the pre-processing one to avoid the ‘louder-is-better’ trap.

A nerdy, cool new feature is the possibility to manipulate the phase shift in Digital mode and also watch the Phase Response and Phase Delay in the spectrum.

Ozone 11 EQ also comes as part of Komplete Start, the revamped selection of free instruments and effects by Native Instruments.

It’s available as AAX, AU, and VST3 for 64-bit Windows and macOS machines.

Download: Ozone 11 EQ (FREE)


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  1. Installed this no problem on windows, but on my mac (ventura) I get a ‘download failed’ error on native access, even after adjusting the privacy settings to allow full disk access for native access and NTK.

    I don’t get why you can’t get a download of the install file once logged in to your account on a browser or something…

    Anyone on osx manage to download this?

      • So I’ve tried again, this time I changed the preferences (File Management) to Download to a folder under Users/Shared instead of my username, and it worked, even though they specify that you should leave it as the default… it has now installed!

        If you haven’t updated the Security Preferences yet, you’ll probably have to do those also..?

  2. Looks like Reaktor has been removed from the free Komplete package ? There used to be a handful of Reaktor synths included as I remember.

  3. I’m having issues installing the Ozone EQ from Native Access… it’s showing up in my Not Installed section but instead of being able to download it, it’s prompting me to “Add Library” which of course fails because I can’t point it to anywhere… one, it’s a plugin not a Kontakt Library, and 2, I haven’t been able to download it.

  4. Thanks a bunch for this.
    But you should make a note about needing Native Access 2 to get that free plugin.
    I had the original Native Access and as many, I couldn’t get the EQ to install until I realized I had to download their newer Native Access 2.

    • @HUB Unfiltered Audio’s best deals have been through Plugin Alliance. I’ve gotten almost all of them free or dirt cheap. I know PA stated last month they were changing their coupon style, but I’d bet there are still gonna be great deals from them. On the flipside, you can find alot of them on for between $3-10. Just be aware that PA has a transfer fee of (I think) $20, but it can cover multiple plugin transfers at once.

  5. Hey. Thanks for this. I have a question. Does Native Access 2 removes the Native Access first version, or can both versions be installed? Thanks for the answer. Br, Blaz

  6. Ugh, I really don’t understand why they couldn’t have made this available via the iZotope Product Portal instead of flippin’ Native Access – all my other iZotope apps have been downloaded, installed and activated using the iZPP.

    I guess my main gripe is that I’ve been having the same ongoing issue with the annoying “grant Native Access permissions” error message issue for months now (and what a total pain in the proverbial THAT has proven to be: despite having gone through all the rigmarole and necessary steps to rectify it, it worked for all of 20 minutes before reverting back to the same damn message prompt each time I tried relaunching it. I’m beyond peed off with it, and have given up trying).

    My use of Native Access was mainly for Kontakt, but regardless of how lauded it is, I find the overarching Native Access gateway to be such an awkward platform, that I’ve pretty much given up on ever using Kontakt again, let alone anything else under the Native Access umbrella.

    Alas, however, it does mean no Ozone 11 EQ freebie for me… hey-ho.

    (sorry, rant over! and thanks for the heads-up, nonetheless!)

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